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  • Liverwurstest

    I have just gained a new little girl. My wife bore an 8lb baby girl with many complecations. The majority were taken care of with surgery but she is also deaf. My world has been rocked. I have prayed so much for the strength and ability to train this little girl properly even though she cannot hear. I look towards the new system to gain strength. I write this here at 2am as my wife finally sleeps..I must seem strong in front of her and struggle while she sleeps.

  • Simon

    Hi Liverwurstest
    I can only imagine what you're going through. My wife had a few complications with both of our children but luckilly they came through OK although my eldest (3) does have a slight hearing problem and is very slow with his speach.
    Technology and attitudes are both improving compared to how things used to be and I would imagine that solutions to deafness are either here already or won't be long in coming.
    I think the most important thing for any child is that their mum and dad love them and are proud of them. I think you're child is very fortunate.
    Enjoy watching her grow up ! Our two lads are 8 months and 3 years and are everything I live for - words can't describe how fantastic they are.

  • spectromize

    Dear Liverwurstest,

    Many throughout the world endure tests of the worst kind. Be strong and courageous as you endeavor to do the best for your daughter. She needs both you and your wife, and rest assured Jehovah is a hearer of prayers. When your feeling down, take the time to reflect on the good things we have and the support you have from your wife.

    Always remember this,

    Love Conquers

  • RedhorseWoman


    I know that it is very difficult for you right now, but remember that sometimes what seems to be a burden can work out to be a wonderful blessing.

    Having a disability does not mean that your daughter can't have a wonderful, productive life. Look for what she CAN do and nurture and encourage that. Don't bemoan what she can't do.

    If you can keep your spirits up and be constantly alert for your daughter's emerging strengths as she grows, I know she will feel valued and loved and special.


  • RedhorseWoman

    One additional thought. Don't wait for the New System....your daughter needs to live in the here and now. Although hope for perfection and total health for her is a wonderful thing, don't put her present life on hold. She needs to learn that her life every day is a gift from Jehovah, and she needs to learn that she is as good as anyone else right now, today.

  • Frenchy

    I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I'm sure I speak for all here when I say that our hearts go out to you and your family.

    Red has made an excellent point in that Jehovah has given you this child here and now as he has with all of us. The future may be great but it does not yet exist. Yesterday is gone and only today remains. This is all we really, actually have.

    I regret the time I have spent waiting and in so doing squandered the stuff life is made of.

  • Liverwurstest

    Thank you all for your kind messages.
    I agree that now is important to care for her and look forward to changes later. I feel better thanks everyone.

    Thanks a lot.
    Maybe we will all meet one day...hoping
    love you all

  • waiting

    No one is perfect, neither do we bear perfect children. But they are all wonderful, and we, as parents, can, and do adjust. And we are the ones who help our children adjust. Technology is getting better. My children had some problems too, and they were medically fixable. So go give your wife a big hug and kiss and tell her she's wonderful, because she is.

    I raise dogs, and in the breading books they counsel, "even if the litter didn't turn out as you expected, always show the mother that she did a great job and that you're proud of her.

    Well, not to compare your wife to one of my dogs, but surely, if we show our dogs how good they are...... Your wife must be terrific - show her. A good cup of coffee and doing the dishes does wonders for a new mother.

    Congratulate her and yourself on a job well done, and tremendously love your child.

  • Frenchy

    Easy with the suggestions on the domestic chores, there Waiting. Some of us guys got wives, you know! Takes long enough to train one without somebody messin' it all up! (hehehehe)

  • RedhorseWoman

    Frenchy....who ever said that these were suggestions? (hehehehe)

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