Giving talks and self dellusion

by Tyrone van leyen 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • restrangled

    I remember some really good speakers that were very entertaining in their delivery. I suspect they did not stick to an outline.

    My dad gave a few hour talks and always had a slide show....I remember one he gave that was exceptional but it took him weeks to get it prepared and my mom had a lot to do with it.

    It was on the origins of the earth and man, it included 300 slides...which ate up a good hour. Everyone loved it.

    One of my uncles had to give a talk on sex, and being the jokester he is, made a few jabs about is own marriage. Needless to say, his wife was really pissed off.....that in itself was very entertaining.

    The rest were absolute yawners. Public speaking is a gift and few people have it.

    As far as talks for the women....what a joke. You had to cover stuff in 5 minutes, pretend to be a householder...blah blah was sickening. I hated it. Your skirt might land to short, a nylon had run, your householder didn't show, you tripped with your heels up to the stage, or horrors, you had to pee, cough, etc. Its was a nightmare.

    Funny, in later years I could speak no problem in front of lawyers, homeowners and the media with no prep needed. Just spoke my mind with no jitters what so ever. (That was training from a DFing in front of many men twice at 16)....never had nerves after that for public was a real cure.


  • chickpea

    being born in the subjected gender,
    i didnt give public talks... i just wrote them
    for my husband and sons...

    i would coach the boys on their "gestures"
    and delivery and they were always pretty good

    that being said....
    i was already a trained speaker
    when i assimilated so i felt held back
    and underutilized when giving those
    assinine #3 talks....

    recently i have done public speaking
    as part of a serial educational program for the local food co-op
    and been reading my own material at open mic
    at the local theatre....

    i brought my skill set to the KH,
    it wasnt developed there in the least.....

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