God's supposedly chosen earthly organization (WTS/JWS) doesn't pronounce or spell god's name correctly !!!

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  • TerryWalstrom

    I have a saying, "You can't scratch an itch that isn't there."

    For a J-Dub to listen, engage, and turn over in their mind ANY fact which debunks their beliefs---there has to already be an itch for the real thing. Without it--you are just going to leave welts.

  • Finkelstein

    JWs are of course are taught and trained to accept all the teachings and bible interpretations from the WTS. as being more accurate and truthful as apposed to other Christian based religions . The insinuation of these other religions as being false supports that assertion as well. The reality is that the WTS never had an academically trained bible theologian in its organization , the closest might have been F Franz but the he was noted of going off on old false WTS. doctrines such as the 6000 years of man's existence to created the falsifiable year of 1975.

    Wizzstick says it well ....

    And there you have the problem in a nutshell for JW's. God has apparently directed his only people on earth to stop using one inaccurate version (LORD) and instead use another inaccurate version (Jehovah) whilst a more accurate version is already known (Yahweh).

  • economy
    It is noticeable that Jesus did not use his skill removing the confusion regarding God's name, its pronunciation ...
  • jhine

    Going slightly off track here but the name that is above all names is Jesus . Because of the WT 's denigration of Jesus that is not something that they want to acknowledge .Maybe , just maybe when the NT writers quoted from the OT they did not include the Tetragrammaton where it would seem that they should because they were saying that OT verses concerning Yahweh actually apply to Jesus ! Not thoughts that the WT would entertain .


  • undercover

    The definition of irony:

    Name a brochure about God's name, "The Divine Name that Will Endure Forever", and then admit in said brochure that no one really knows the pronunciation of God's name.

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