What is a good blu ray player to buy?

by hoser 10 Replies latest social entertainment

  • hoser
    I don't know much about them but my wife wants me to buy one. The DVD player crapped out
  • Simon

    PS4 or XBOX One !

    Seriously, why not look at streaming options - it really is the future. Look at options to buy movies off Google Play or such like and play over a Chrome Cast.

    The only reason for something more powerful is to be able to play games as well or to support 3D / different outputs and more audio options.

    If all you want to do is basic movie watching and you have a good enough internet connection then streaming is the future.

  • ScottyRex
    Betamax for me every time- it has a big clunky top that you slip your 'entertainment' cartridge in- you then hit it down hard with a satisfying clunk......couple of push down buttons later (and a sprained finger) and hey- you're ready to go.....
  • hoser
    We get videos from the library for free and watch them
  • Simon

    DVD, Video? The 90's just called and want their tech back!

    C'mon people, it's 2015 - you are on the internet so I'm not giving up hope :)

  • Finkelstein

    Sony 6200 or the 7200 , they will also play mp3 and Flac files and they also stream video services like Netflix

    If you're a bit of an Audiophile such as myself , you could spend a bit more and get the OPPO 105D.

    It will produce a little better video and much better audio than the Sony but will cost 3 times as much.

  • hoser

    Thanks finkelstein.

    Simon we don't have great internet service in our area. We can't stream video unless it is low quality

  • NVR2L8
    I would only invest in a BD player if I have high end AV equipment. Otherwise a $100.00 - $200 Samsung, Sony or Panasonic player will do the job.
  • Daniel1555
    Playstation 4
  • tidalblitz
    If you need a dedicated BD player, try Oppo Digital. They are pricy but I've heard nothing but good things. Of course a PS4 is also great and you can do other things besides Blu-Ray on it. If price is a concern, like NVR2L8 said, a cheap Sony, Samsung, or Panasonic will do.

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