Unlock Cult Phobia's in Witness Relatives-Help them Think Real & Authentic

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  • flipper

    So what is a " phobia " ? In Hassan's book " Releasing the Bonds " he states it as , " a persistent, irrational fear of an object or situation. All phobias are triggered by a cue that initiates a closed cycle of fearful images, thoughts, and feelings. " So people project that heir worst fears will happen.

    What are some common cult phobia's ? Hassan states that, " Cults do try to keep family members who are still in the cult away from ex-members. " He continues, " Programmed phobias can be so strong that cult members cannot imagine themselves happy, safe, and fulfilled outside of the group. They can generate only negative images of life outside of the cult. When they think of leaving the group, they imagine themselves being destroyed, along with all the other non-believers , by the fiery judgement of Armageddon. " Only fear and dread of the outside world !

    Religious cults use this fear to manipulate their minds and thoughts. Members are told they will suffer badly if they leave the group. Die, commit suicide, have orgies, become a drug addict - anything to inspire " false fears " into them. One tactic the leaders of cults use is " anything which is designated as a threat to the cult identity " .

    Examples of this : Any thoughts, feelings, or information critical of the cult leader, doctrine, or organization

    Former members or critics of the group

    Doubts or thoughts about leaving the group

    "Once these phobias are in place , the cult member becomes a dependent personality , filled with a sense of helplessness and hopelessness about leaving the group. Cult leaders want their members to be filled with such fear and self-doubt. They want to cultivate low self-esteem and manipulate members to work harder for praise and promotion. " Sound familiar ?

    O.K. So how can we assist them to think more real ? Get them to realize what a " phobia " is. Tell them what fearful things just in general life you have overcome and explan how you have positively changed. Then , next step is : Use examples " about other groups that the person considers to be a cult before their own involvement . " Perhaps talk about Scientologists, David Koresh, People's Temple, or Jim Jones . To break the ice you could say youv'e " been thinking about a particular group after reading an article or book, seeing them featured on television , or having been approached by them recently. " Hassan continues , " Talk about how members of these other groups are trained to have only negative images and negative self-talk about the outside world or their past. " And hopefully your JW relative starts putting the connection together.

    Some time later in the final step you may ask your JW relative down the road - , " I was wondering if it's possible to leave your group and be happy and fulfilled ? " Or ak them, " If the group never existed, and you were happy and fulfilled in your life, what do you think you would be doing ? " If the person replies : " Oh, I would be a drug addict, or I would commit suicide, " you will know you may have discovered the actual phobia in the person's mind. Then you could come back and ask, " Do you believe anybody outside the group is happy and fulfilled in their life?"

    So the bottom line is you are trying to help them see on their own by examining it thaqt a happy life can exist outside " cult mind control". So what do you think of these points ? Have some of you tried this ? Lately I have been trying a few things from this book and it seems to be opening up some cracks in my witness families armor ! Look forward to your comments as always ! Peace out to all, Mr. Flipper

  • lrkr


    I am reading Hassan's books for the first time too. It really is amazing the commonalities between Moonies, other cults and JW's. I used to have a problem calling JW's a cult, but it becomes more and more clear that they are. (I am one of those who says- well most religions are a form of mind control- whats the big deal)

    The use of phobias was one of the eye openers for me. It seems you cant go to a meeting without hearing about how bad the world is, or how bad life is, or how unhappy everyone is- and how you should be really afraid if you don't have "the truth." Nothing like ruining a beautiful fall day with that drivel.


  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Fear of course is the underling catalyst that holds the structure and power of most cults like the JWS.

    This video goes over some aspects on how cults first cull and attract their followers, and then keep them through

    indoctrination and repetitiveness of things you can gain and prosper . How thinking is controlled to the support and benefit of the leaders $$$

    You can pinpoint certain characteristic traits that the JWS use on recruitment procedures and containment of the members

    and there were obvious similarities on how operational mind controlling works.

    Have a look for yourself


    Oh and I fully get how phobias are utilized and get played on people to control thought and emotion.

    The repetitiveness on how everything is so wicked and ruined by mans hands like wars , famine, disease, corruption etc.

    gets played out continually by apocalyptic cults, which create phobias.

  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    Flipper, I have not read Hassan's book yet. I have it on order. Interestingly, I have a phobia about a certain animal. I asked a psychiatrist friend about it at one point because it was interfering with life sometimes, I just wanted to be done with it. He said we can talk about and we did, he said "I really think it has something to do with that religion of yours". Well I quickly dismissed that idea but now have to wonder if he saw something I did not way back then. And you are right it is as if my parents have a phobia about the "outside". They often say with a sad look in their eyes "there is nothing good out there in that world, don't be fooled" They seem genuinely frightened.

  • Hope4Others

    What I'm finding really exciting is the jw experiences he gives in talking to them....

    And the fact he mentions Randy Watters and Ray Franz in his book how cool is that?


  • carla

    I've tried using the comparisons with Koresh, etc... cults and how some left and life after. You know what a jw says? ALL those other ones are cults and how happy they are that they are in God's org! If that person would only pick up a wt and see how much better their life could be blah, blah, blah..... if they joined the jw's they would see 'real' love..... you know the drill.

    If you have ever, even once used the cult word with a jw in reference to their org they will remember it. They will not remember the false prophecies, flip flops and so forth but they will remember you called the jw's a cult. Even bringing up a different cult puts them on alert. You can see them nearly bristle even if you are just mentioning a news article and have no plans to bring up jw's.

    I have Hasaan's books but believe one must read it before you do or say anything to a cult member so you don't make fatal mistakes. Once the bell has been rung it cannot be unrung. The problem is when a loved is joining a cult you panic and research about the cult itself to show all the errors and you then become an oposer before you can truly implement some of Hasaan's methods. You can attempt to hope for lack of memory if you are willing to wait a long period of time before trying again. But then you must be willing to watch them go further in and become more zealous for awhile.

    If the phobia about leaving is fear of becoming a 'sinner' that can be dealt with, however, if the phobia is death and eternal salvation or should I say missing out on paradise earth it is quite an obstical to say the least. The wt holds that carrot so well.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    With the 30th anniversary of the Jonestown massacre coming up, the media will be revisiting this issue. Use the opportunity to discuss it with family and friends.

  • Dogpatch

    Actually I was the one who convinced Steve that JWs were a cult, long ago in the early 80s. Met him at a Cult Awareness conference and we became life friends. Worked together on a few cases. One of my best friends whom I am indebted to. I would HIGHLY recommend our video class on learning how to exit-counsel! Randy

  • flipper

    IRKR- I agree with you - I believe most religions are a form of mind control too. I remember that when we were witnesses they would always scare us with staements like - " how bad the world is " , or " what would happen if we left and went back in the world ". They constantly use fear to keep people controlled. There is nothing to fear.

    HOMEROVAH- Pretty freaky U-tube video bro ! Totally gives you the picture of cult thinking.

    NO MORE KOOL AID- Very interesting points you make. Interesting that your fear of animals had something to do with your phobic religion ! That is sad about your parents . They have no hope because they think the world is evil. Gawd- I hate cults !

    HOPE 4 OTHERS- I think it's cool also that Hassan mentions Ray Franz and Randy Watters. A really great book.

    CARLA- I'm sure Hassan's methods don't work on every witness or cult member. But if easygoing methods are used , tact and being real goes a long way in reaching them better.

    MICKEY MOUSE- It would be good to remind them about Jonestown - good to get their minds thinking.

    DOGPATCH- I'm glad you have developed a friendship with Steve Hassan and have worked with him. The video on cult exit counseling sounds interesting. Would you please PM me some more information on it ? Thanks

  • flipper

    Figured I'd bump this one up for weekenders who didn't get a chance to read it or comment. Thanks, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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