When do you visit this site to view and post?

by stuckinarut2 15 Replies latest jw friends

  • stuckinarut2

    Hey all,

    I'm curious about the times and places we all come and check in on this great forum.

    Is it after a long day at work while having a drink, or during the work day on your mobile tablets, or quickly in-between family evenings etc...?

    Do most "hide" their tracks when using the family computer, perhaps using "private browsing"?

    How often do most come and check in?

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    Every morning during breakfast, (honey on toast this morning nomnomnom) and every night before I go to bed, providing the missus isn't looking over my shoulder. And most times on the crapper too. And some lunchtimes.

    I may have a problem.

  • Garrett
    I check in every morning, and before going to bed.
  • Awake at last
    Awake at last
    After dinner at night. The best time though for me is early hours of the morning because that is when the American and UK posters are awake and posting, so most activity then. It is 8.20pm in NSW Australia at the moment and not much happening.
  • jhine

    Disposable, tooooo much information there .

    Talk of honey on toast making me hungry !

    I look on site at any time I have a few minutes . I have the luxury of not having to be secretive .


  • Ignoranceisbliss
    Many times thruout the day. But only on my phone or tablet. And yes I am always very nervous when she grabs my phone. She would probably prefer catching me with gay porn instead of apostate stuff.
  • Hortensia
    Oh, along about midnight or so -- in the middle of the night.
  • WTWizard

    I check this site after work, which for me is mid morning most days. As for being caught, I am more worried about being picked up while at or en route to or from work or seeing an official court order to go back to the Kingdumb Hell under threat of being sued or drugged. From there, anything goes--including being set up to go to Mea Shearim for a hyper-stupid mission that is going to cost a monster box of silver for the trip and perhaps a grand bag of silver coins for the littera-trash I have to place.

    Let that happen, and it will not matter jack squat what I post here. They will plant software on my computer so I can only go to their official site and a few selected sites, and this is not one of them. They will force me to pull down my sun-worship decorations and throw them away, along with my Ouija board and whatever else they find objectionable. They will go through everything, and anything that could distract me from field circus end up in the rubbish. They see whatever investment silver I have, they take it away (and, given my soul, make the whole congregation pay for it by being ordered to give or throw away any investment gold or silver)--just as Neptune is about to reach 9 degrees of Pisces and hyperinflation be triggered.

    At which point, posting here any more will be impossible. Not to mention, checking back here will be impossible too. Just the drudgery of doing endless field circus and figuring out what to do to get things while being expected to donate to the Worldwide Damnation Fund. Obviously, under this type of force, it will matter not what my viewpoint is. They have their hearts on my going to Mea Shearim, they will find a way to ensure Mea Shearim is where I am going.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Thru-out the day, I'm retired. The wife get upset with me because of the time I

    spend here. I told her how would you like it if I was viewing sex sites all day.

    She said I get your point, you may go blind or have a heart attack.

    Seriously, she don't understand because she was never a JW. I think she

    gets a little jealous.

  • stuckinarut2

    Great replies!

    Yep, we all enjoy the boost that coming here provides I see.

    I guess that I spend a lot of time here too, yet I do it in between work (I am on the road throughout the day). I am so glad for advances in technology that allows us to log on via tablets etc... I would be lost without it!

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