Who are you?

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  • Brother Apostate
    Brother Apostate

    Who are you?

    They're the people who walk by obliviously, having trained themselves to not pay attention to details.

    They're the people who read books but never read between the lines to see the big picture.

    They're the people who watch movies, only paying attention to the obvious, missing the powerful story within the story.

    They're the people who merely see the surface, never the 30,00 foot view.

    They're the people who can't see the forest for the trees.

    They're the people who never correlate history to what unfolds before our eyes in modern times.

    They're the people who are forever controlled by group pressure and their wallet or pocketbook, who won't open their eyes to understand that the masses are easily led to their own downfall, that temporary discomfort for the right cause can produce great freedom from oppression and a new lease on life.

    They're the people who never put it together to understand the big picture, and scoff at those who do.

    They're the majority.

    BA- And that's the way the wealthy elite want to keep it.

    PS- Who are you?

  • Finally-Free

    I'm the elite without the wealth.


  • Gopher

    Sad to say, too many people have a very short attention span these days. Everything is sped up, people want instant gratification and satisfaction.

    A secret to success is to take things slowly, pay attention to the details -- live life fully, try to get it right the first time.

    If people don't pay attention to details, they can be easily deceived to their own harm. Also I'll take your example about movies -- people who just want constant action and conflict -- rather than good stories, cheat themselves out of truly meaningful and enjoyable entertainment.

    I think though, that as people gain experience and age -- they do slow down and take in more of life.

    I'm hoping that the 'majority' you talk about becomes a 'minority' when they reach, maybe age 60+ . (Wishful thinking?)

  • flipper

    I believe the rock group " The Who " had a song title by the same words asking that same question ! " Who Are You " ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Aculama

    Good thought Bro. I think fear is what locks some people into the majority. There is an inborn instinct that says " Run with the pack, don't stand out and maybe you'll be one of the ones that survive.". Those of us who go our own way have two fears to face, the unknown and the pack.

  • ibme

    Who am I?

    I do pay attention. Wish sometimes I didn't.

    I do see the big picture. Wish sometimes I didn't.

    I do not miss the powerful story within the story. Wish sometimes I didn't.

    I do not merely see the surface. Wish sometimes I didn't.

    I always see the forest first. Wish sometimes I didn't.

    I always correlate history with the present. Wish sometimes I didn't.

    I am not a person controlled by group pressure/wallet. I'm glad I am not.

    I am a person, most of the time, that understand the big picture. I'm glad I am.

    I like being in the majority.


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