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  • musky

    Are there any here who feel they are or were one of the 144,000? Or a reference to a thread on this topic? I was just wondering.

  • iloowy

    Hmmm... what a question!
    What if you believe what the Scriptures say about Jesus command to keep doing this in memory of him?
    And you think that the number 144000 is as symbolic as the 12 tribes in the illustration in Revelation?
    And, and too, what if you think that one should take every teaching of the WT and hold it under judicious scrutiny?
    But, by the way, I plan to partake. If Jesus said "do it" then ... "Got bread and wine?"... I need a T-shirt like that.

  • distazo

    It's just a symbolic number. All who want can partake. The problem is that the New World Translation, those phrases that have 'breaking the bread' in Greek and Aramaic translated with (something like) eating meals.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I am not one of the 144,000 but I play one on T.V.

    "If either the right wing or the left wing gained control of the country, it would probably fly around in circles." Pat Paulson


  • greendawn

    Definitely not, 144 000 is nothing but a symbolic number just as are the male, jewish, virgins making them up. The JWs do not believe that the 144 000 are literally male, jewish virgins yet they take their number literally, a very dodgy way to interpret this verse. And very slim chance that after 1900 years of christianity we have less than 144 000 saints.

    My suspicion is that the fds gave that wacky interpretation to distance most dubs from power ie most are not of the 144 000 and thus are second class citizens or followers and don't have the right to meddle in the running of the org which belongs to the 8000 or so "anointed" who are nonetheless totally ignored if not despised by the GB, and their intimate circle whether "anointed" or not.

  • cameo-d

    What is so special about the 144,000?

    Aren't they supposed to judge the angels? Does that sound like a job you really want? Sounds risky and mentally taxing to me.

    If I had been promised paradise, I would say "By damn life has been hard. Give me my island an an pina colada. I want to be lazy now."

    And besides, even after the first fruits, there is the harvest. I would be content to shoot for at least being in that crowd. Don't you know the "ones at the top" have to put in 80 hr. workweek?

  • 144001
    What is so special about the 144,000?

    Obviously nothing. It's the 144,001 that has it going on!

  • musky

    Thanks for everyones input. I thought there may have been some here that at one time considered themselves to be one of the 144,000.Sort of like some posters here were once elders but now have a different belief. In my years attending the Kingdom Hall, I was not an elder, So I can appreciate posters that have been, and the insight they can bring. I thought the same may have been true of those who considered themselves to be in the 144,000 class. Sounds confusing I guess. Thanks again.

  • lesterd

    Are you asking people to make targets of themselves by revealing that calling? Through knowledge, beyond that of the borg, changes what the 144000 are and thier purpose, many who were not when associated are now, and the evenning meal is taken in private, behind closed doors. Those who know, know that they were selected from the founding of the world.

  • BabaYaga

    There are (or were) at least a couple of posters here on JWD who partook of the emblems while Witnesses, and who were considered to be "annointed."

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