conference call Sat. September 27 7p.m.EST Special guest Joan Cetnar

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  • kool aid man06
    kool aid man06

    Former bethelite, Joan Cetnar, will be our special guest on Saturday night Sept. 27 7p.m.EST. Joan has worked very hard over the years exposing the false and dangerous teachings of the Watchtower organization. Joan has been seen on the John Ankerberg television program and had much to say about her relationship with the Watchtower org. Many former Jehovah's Witnesses make the pilgrimage every October to the beautiful blue ridge mountains of Pennsylvania. It is here where Joan and her late husband, Bill, started the "Witnesses Now For Jesus" convention thirty years ago and have helped so many to deal with the problems they may have when exiting the Watchtower org. "To come on the call dial (712)432-8710 when asked for pin use 9925. The call is free, just your normal calling rate applies. The lines open at 6:30 p.m. so come on and chat with all the people who have been "touched by the tentacles of the Watchtower". The program will begin at 7 p.m.EST.

    Here is a link to the Cetnars on the Ankerberg show.

  • kool aid man06
    kool aid man06

    Joan Cetnar's convention is coming up in two weeks. If you are planning on going, be sure to listen in tonight as she will be our special guest. To listen to past recorded calls hit this link.

  • abbagail

    Thank you! I appreciate her and your efforts.

    Amen to Witnesses for Jesus. We could use more of that around here. ;-)

  • Junction-Guy

    I listened in tonight for about an hour to Joan Cetnar. I had to get offline early because I have to work tonight. Once again, thanks for everything you do.

    God Bless You,


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