"Blessings"----Did You Believe If You Were "Bad", You'd Get No "Blessings"?

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  • minimus

    I know a lot of Witnesses that believe if something good happens----it's an indication of Jehovah's blessing and if bad things continue to happen----either you're not getting Jehovah's blessings or you might have demons.

  • yknot

    No blessings allowed for those designated by the PO to be Queen of the Damned.......

    But yes I believed if I was faithful to God, God would help me through my 'tribulations'.

    When I made bad decisions I paid for them like everything else......God approves of discipline when deserved....ahh again a blessing.

    I also believed my KH was spiritually weak because of their blind following of the pubs over the Bible... thus they had NO BLESSINGS.

    Any growth in our KH is attributed to births or other JWs moving into the area..... again proof of NO BLESSINGS

    We are so 'unBlessed' that MTS rejects don't even get assigned to our podunk territory!

  • minimus

    The "blessings" thing is just like how the Catholics believe. God will punish you if you do something wrong.

  • BluesBrother

    Never did buy into the "Blessings from Jehovah", concept, or the "grieving the Holy Spirit " thing if you did wrong...

    I used to repeat it from the platform, though, I admit...It was in the material so I said it. Never came from the heart though.

  • minimus

    ANYTHING could be "grieving the holy spirit" when the elders wanted it to look like that.

  • undercover

    That's one thing I never bought into...

    I saw zealous, faithful followers have accidents, lose jobs, lose family to disease, etc. and on the opposite side I saw fringe JWs making tons of money, traveling and enjoying a good life.

    I believed the scripture about unforseen occurances befall us all more than I believed anything about blessings...

    Too bad I didn't use that critical thinking in other areas of teachings and practices of the JWs.

  • greendawn

    All the JWs I knew that were tight fisted, money loving, materialistic and with questionable business/work methods did really well in life. Many of the more spiritual ones did not so I never took that supposed principle seriously as it was obviously not the case in real life.

  • Hope4Others

    Just figured I'd get the death penalty...nothing really major...lol


  • Gopher

    Minimmus -- I didn't know what to think, because of the combination of the teaching about 'blessings' but also that 'bad things are tests' that Jehovah allows to good people. Also, Satan being an angel of light could be trying to fool you -- so if good things happened, that could be either Jehovah or Satan smiling on you!

    All very confusing. I couldn't make up my mind what to think.

    Now as an atheist I understand that you get the rewards of your efforts, and there are certain things you cannot control -- and it has nothing to do with being a pawn in some invisible universal chess game.

  • minimus

    Talk about having it both ways, Gopher.

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