No book study?

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  • jacethespace

    Is it true that the watchtower has scrapped the book study group meetings?

    I find this really funny as for years when i was in the tower i was constantly being told how Jehovah has set up the book study group so that when The great tribulation starts and religion is turned on we can then all meet in our small book study groups around the world and be protected and still be instructed and spirtually poisoned i mean fed to death.But now this plan is blown out the window those still in the tower are still falling for this bull and believing no doubt that this is Jehovah improving his organization.

    Has anyone still in asked what will happen to the congregation now when religion is banned at the end?

    Also what about the scripture they always used which said 1st century christians met in there homes?Does that no longer matter or apply?

    Has anyone else been told anything similar?

    It just shows what a load of bull we were fed in the tower and how much they contradict themselves.

  • passwordprotected

    It's true that as of January 09 JWs will no longer meet in private homes for study. 6 months before this was announced the WTS produced a question box in the Sept 07 KM which pointed out that the FDS do not endorse groups meeting together for Bible study.

    So, not only have they scrapped their endorsed private home meetings, they've also as good as banned the Dubs independently meeting together in private homes.

    It was this which prompted my exit from the WTS.

  • CaptainSchmideo

    I remember the "five fingers" analogy that some speakers would use. If we are hanging onto a rope or rung with one hand to keep from falling, we would want to use all five fingers to grip. All five meetings were supposed to be like our fingers.

    I guess now, we just need four. Oh, wait! Now that fifth finger is combined with two others! Analogy saved!

    There is only one finger I'd like to give to those in charge......

  • jwfacts

    I always thought it was a bit of a joke to say we had 5 meetings a week when it was really only 3. I think it was to make it appear more - "other christians only attend one meeting a week on Sunday, we do 5."

    I wonder if they will still say it is 5 meetings, 3 on thursday and 2 on Sunday.

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