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    ...to Remain Faithful to the Correct Preaching and Teaching of God's Word.


    The 'Deeds Not Creeds' Challenge - Are JW's Now Christians?

    Below, we've reproduced the marketing piece the Jehovah's Witnesses put together for this year's JW District Conventions. Notice anything interesting about their messaging??

    JW's are now claiming (just like every other purpose-driven/seeker-sensitive church) that Jesus will help them "improve their family life, deal with life's difficult problems, draw closer to God, oppose the devil and gain everlasting life". The JW's even have a big friendly picture of Jesus smiling at you on their flyer.

    So, here's the challenge. We'd like you to answer a question. Here it is:

    Since JW's are now preaching the EXACT same messages that you can hear at famous mega-churches like Saddleback, Willowcreek and Granger, shouldn't we welcome them into the 'Christian Fold' and stop treating them as cultists and embrace them as fellow Christians?

    We really want to hear what you have to say on this. But,... we have one rule for those of you who want to comment... If you attend a church where the lead pastor believes in "Deeds NOT Creeds" (like Rick Warren) or your pastor openly attacks the preaching and teaching of sound doctrine (like Steven Furtick), or your church's pastor only preaches seeker-sensitive self-help sermons like the ones listed above, then you are forbidden from pointing to any doctrine or creeds as a means of distinguishing 'True Christians' from 'False Christians'. If your pastor does not value sound doctrine and creeds enough to promote them and teach them from the pulpit and you keep attending a church like that, then you haven't earned the right to use doctrine and creeds as a means of distinguishing your version of Christianity from the JW's version. In other words, we won't let you get away with being hypocritical. You can't treat doctrine and creeds with contempt one minute then use them to help you the next minute. Therefore, if you attend any church that fits the above descriptions, you will be limited to proving your points using ONLY deeds. Good luck.


    Pretty cool site.


  • StAnn

    1. This is nothing new. They've been saying this all of my life.

    2. JWs are not, never have been, and never will be Christian. They are a cult, plain and simple.


  • Aculama

    A "Christian" is a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, indwelled with His actual Spirit. Belonging to an organized religion has absolutely nothing to do with being a Christian. The only thing in the scripture that might make a person think they have to join a religion or cult is the command to not forsake the gathering of yourselves together. The only preacher you are commanded to recieve is one that follows Christ. And only then if he remains in agreement with the scriptures. It is very difficult, at best, to find a real Christian anymore. Let alone, a good solid scriptural church....I'm sorry, I'm starting to rant. Please forgive me.

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