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  • Mandette

    Yesterday I had lunch with my parents. Now for as long as I can remember, my mom especially has had the mindset of Armaggedon being right around the corner, any minute now, etc.

    NOW......they are talking that "things are some years" away now.

    Is there another change in the works? Instead of it being imminent now it's years away??? I've NEVER heard them talk like that. Really blew me away. And no I didn't ask them because I didn't want to get into the big "discussion". (I was afraid of what I might say and I don't want to alienate my parents)

    Does anyone know about this change???? Is it a change???


  • mouthy

    its always around the next day maybe !!!!!LOL

  • RR

    Well ... it's certainly closer now than it was yesterday ... that's for sure!

  • OnTheWayOut

    Many of us just got tired of it being imminent, and realized it was imminent
    for several literal generations now.

    It's highly likely that they are finally wearing down from living like it will occur
    before their children grew up, before their children had children, before they retire,
    before they die.

  • Honesty

    Millions of JW's who expected armageddon to occur in their lifetime are now DEAD just like all the JW's who are now expecting armageddon to occur in their lifetime are going to be DEAD.

  • wobble

    Honesty,with your name can't you tell it like it really is? (Seriously thanks for the summation)

    I had a strange encounter a couple of months ago,in a local store I met my sister talking to some sisters (2or3) from other congos. Yelp!

    but I couldn't leg it they'd seen me, Now all these ladies are well into their sixties and were swapping details of ailments,a female pastime I'm told,and my super-Dub well cultist sister (brain-washed to the N'th degree) said "Roll on the New System!"

    Awhile ago all these sisters would have agreed,but there was a silence ! (Tumbleweed job!)

    I think they all wanted to express their doubts but couldn't in front of my sister.



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