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  • zagor

    Any fans out there?

    Well I've been rocking to the music in my chair for the last few hours. So to give you a taste. I love this one in particular

    What's your favorite?

  • jamiebowers

    Long live Steven Tyler!

  • gymbob

    A couple years ago I was dating a lady who was a big Aerosmith fan (had the Areo tats and EVERYTHING). We went to see them in concert with KISS...right up front.

    All I can say is...what a great night that was! Gymbob

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    saw them twice. 1st time at Cal Jam II. One of my first concerts. 2nd time was their big comeback tour in 87. Loved it when they kicked out "My Hearts done time". I'm glad rap resurrected them

  • Dagney

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