Stonehenge was Built only 70 years after Noah's Flood

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  • james_woods

    According to many fundies, Dinosaur bones were put here by a tricky God to fool unbelieving evolutionists. Yes, I have actually heard more than one of them say this.

    I found an interesting item, BTW: Petroleum and Coal are presently thought to have been initiated by plant masses in the Carbonaceous era - this era long preceded all Dinosaurs. The only fossil records of land life back then were things like early amphibians, giant centipedes and dragonflies, and such.

    So I will have to remember that when the witnesses tell me that Dinosaurs were put here to make petroleum.

  • Hope4Others

    Found this very interesting, especially the 12 day dig link off this one....about the blue stones

    Going to Stonehenge in the spring I find this all very fascinating....

    thanks for the post...


  • james_woods

    Just a side question - do they still let you walk around inside the Stonehenge? I have been there once - back in about 1992, and the day I was there you could just walk right in and through it and even touch the stones. They did ask you to be careful.

    I was, I suppose, expecting it to be bigger than it was...but it was a kind of gloomy, rainy, fall morning - and it did have kind of a suitably spooky aura to it.

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