Hey, did you know they taught there was no Nitrogen in Eden??

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  • LisaAnn

    Bro. Alford's talk "The Wonders of Creation" at Cedar Point assembly September 1919, according to the Sandusky Register:

    [Talking about the Flood]

    " A whole earth full of exuberant life was destroyed, both animal and vegetable, also millions, doubtless, of the human race. This is evidenced by the present atmosphere surrounding the earth. Scientists tell us that 77% of the atmosphere is nitrogen, an inert gas which undergoes no change when it is breathed by animal and plant life. This, we are informed by those who have made it a study, is a gas composed of organic substances decomposed and changed to gaseous form, in other words, the element called nitrogen is the direct result of decomposition of organic matter at the time of the flood." [italics mine]

    [Gross, I'm breathing dead people...] WAIT THERE'S MORE.....

    "The wonderful economy of God is evidenced by the fact that when the resurrection takes place, and “all those that are in their graves shall come forth” by the end of the thousand years of the Millenuim, all the nitrogen will have been used from the air for the creation of the 20 billions of human bodies, and for the enriching of the soil of the earth, so that the restored human race will find the atmosphere composed of oxygen and carbon dioxide, the oxygen for the human race and the animals and the carbon dioxide for the plant life."

    So yeah, I guess we're all gonna breathe pure oxygen in the new system....

  • Fadeout

    I love WT science class.

    Let's hope God doesn't allow open flames in this new oxygen-filled world, or our Paradise may look more like the lake of fire...

  • LisaAnn

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    Zoology Archive

    Question - Could humans breath (survive) in at
    atmosphere containing pure oxigen?

    Yes they could...for a while and then they would begin suffering from oxygen
    toxicity which causes a number of serious problems not the least which are
    some pretty serious neurological damage.

  • PEC

    The first US space capsules had a pure oxygen atmosphere, until the Apollo 1 fire.


  • WTWizard

    More problems with those dodos. First, nitrogen adds to the atmospheric pressure. If you eliminate 78% of that, things are not going to work properly. It is the same as what happens when you open a bottle of soda water: the gas bubbles out. If that happens in the arteries, you get the bends (and that is not fun). Even if it is gradual, certain body functions work in a narrow pH range, regulated by carbon dioxide in the blood. Lower pressure means lower carbon dioxide levels, which can mess up the metabolism.

    On top of that, what happens if oxygen is breathed pure. At lower pressures, it is difficult to breathe at all (just try climbing Mount Everest with pure oxygen and see what happens--climbers still have trouble regulating their bodies). If the pressure is brought up, you will start having fire hazards. Even in the New Dark Ages, all you have to do is step on a pebble, create a tiny spark, and that spark land on a dry leaf. In pure oxygen, that can lead to a major fire in seconds (under normal conditions, it would be extremely difficult for that to lead to a big fire).

    Either way, those dodos are doing nothing more than adding layers of mysticism. They will need another layer to explain this away, which will be just as fallacious as this. Perhaps that is why you need to read the Asleep! regularly to keep up with the latest.

  • Gerard

    Bullshit! Nitrogen in the atmosphere is unavailable for metabolism. It must be 'fixed' to solids or liquids so plants fungi and animals can uptake it.

  • VM44

    This example is a sad example that the Bible Students didn't know what they were talking about regardless of the subject.


    Even sadder, I don't think they even cared that they were wrong. The important thing was to have something interesting to say for publicity.

  • shamus100


    Complete morons.

  • carla

    But... if no new light was printed on the subject does the old still stand? (be it this hogwash or any other) I can never get my jw to give me straight answer, I know, big surprise. What would an elder say? or is there a wt about old light?

  • LisaAnn

    Ah, yes, our atmosphere right now is 78% Nitrogen. But just imagine how much more will be pumped into our air when all those billions of icky people disintegrate at Armageddon! Jahboy better get hopping on that resurrection, cause we won't have hardly any oxygen to breathe until he does.

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