what works for asthma?

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    This is a bit like a 'constant' heimlich manoeuvre - get into the habit of breathing from your diaphragm, not merely expanding your chest area. It may help especially in the anxiety situations as you find you can take longer, deeper, steadier breaths - that's how singers are able to hold notes longer and control their volume - you get what I'm going to say next - better peak flow and lung capacity.

    I do have asthma caused by the chemicals I used to work with (but fortunately I'm away from them now), It never affected my breathing too much because I'd also been trained how to sing so strangely, I don't need any meds prescribed! The only time I have major problems is when I get a cold or chest infection.

  • lostsheep82

    Black coffee.

    Get someone to hit your back for approx 2-3 minutes a day it will break the flem in your chest up and help you breath better.

    Dont sleep on your back, it triggers more asthma attacks during the night. Trust me I know:)

    If you are having an attack the importatnt thing to always remember is to try to stay calm. The minute you panic, you lose control. Take as deep breaths as you can and have someone rub your back, this helps calm you.

    Dust your house frequently, and avoid a lot of contact with cleaning supplies.

    Get your allergies tested as most allergies in asthmatics will trigger attacks. Get tested for all foods, animals, and environmental things. If you react even a small bit to anything, don't take this lightly.

    I have been a severe asthmatic my whole life. I've literally died twice. Not tryin to scare ya..lol. When I was a little girl, my skin reacted to things like potatos, carrots, nuts, foods I at the time wasn't really bothered by, but in time my allergies progressed to the point where I am now at 26 allergic to ALL and I mean ALL raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, soy, I cannot be around a raw potato something in the peel and the rawness of it trigger an attack within approx 5 minutes.

    If you have ANY questions PM me, I have been through it all, and have some helpful suggestions.
    Take care,

  • HAL9000

    A respiratory specialist who specialises in asthma is essential as there are quite a number of "triggers" for asthma. Some respond to the treatments described, some do not.

    What you need to know is what precipitates your asthma and what will control it.

    Believe me, I have gone through acute asthma attackes with a close family member and I know that it is essential that it is properly diagnosed & managed by the most appropriate means.


  • tsar_robles

    thanks to all of you, really. All of your suggestions are handy tips and info... I've been thinking of moving out of Colorado for sometime but I dont want this malady to be the reason :) I have non jw family in the south valley (TX) so that's always an option to fill in some of my lack of social life here lol,

    and believe it or not without excusing my past behavior in my younger years (i am still a young adult) which got me kicked out of the borg; I feel this cutoff from my family and 'friends' have had a bearing on the many different strange illnesses that have come and left ever since leaving the jws. There's still an elder that talks to me and he is one of the few people there that still keeps some common sense and sense of humanity... last time we talked he asked me if I'd ever come back and I said: well, (I try not to tell him my 'other reasons') probably not because the time that I did try to go back when I had just been df'd it caused me so much ache and vomiting literally speaking... and all that the elders at that hall told me was that if old sick sisters in the hall can do it so I could... "... he then smirked and said no wonder the bible says that the delayed expectation makes the heart sick" meaning that I would get nervous and stressed when I knew i had to go to the hall which in turned got me really sick. I found his explanation better than just the comparison to an old sick sister...

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    hmm you mean something like a long term inhaler controller med?

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