What is Destructive Mind Control ? Points from "Releasing the Bonds "

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  • Mandette

    I just ordered Steve Hassan's book on cults. I'm really looking forward to reading it cover to cover. I'm sure I'll be even more frustrated by what I see as illogical behavior in my parents. The pat phrases like, "light getting brighter", "Jehovah providing", "meat in due season" etc that just roll out when they are questioned.

    I hope it has some research on how super intelligent, strong willed people can be so taken in by a cult.

    Mr Flipper as always I really enjoy reading your posts.


  • flipper

    SOONER 7NC- This " Releasing the Bonds " book by Steve Hassan gives examples in Chapter 10 of how to reach out to your JW mind controlled family members in a respectful and tactful way so we don't scare them or piss them off. I'm on Chapter 3 right now and haven't got to that point in the book yet. I'm trying to get my oldest daughter out of the witnesses. But I highly recommend reading both of these books to educate yourself on cult mind control so you are better able to know what you are dealing with in regards to your wife. Good luck !

    MANDETTE- Thanks for the kind words. In fact yes, these books by Hassan explain how even super intelligent , strong willed, people can be taken in and duped by cult mind control. It has nothing to do with how smart someone is, nor how stupid they are. But has everything to do with " catch phrases " that cults trickily use, and the " false " promises of only them having the all important " truth " about life that sucks people into it. Those are just a couple things- but I think you will really enjoy reading it- it will open your eyes as to how in time you may be able to deal with your parents in a more informed manner ! Good luck to you ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • sooner7nc

    I wish you luck with your daughter flipper.

  • flipper

    SOONER 7NC- Thanks for the best wishes with my daughter. I know it may take some time to do it correctly- but I'm willing to spend the time doing it right

  • flipper

    Just wanted to bump this thread up dealing with Steve Hassan's book " Releasing the Bonds " describing information in the 2nd chapter. Your thoughts and observations are certainly welcome ! Been working a lot lately, not much time to breathe ! Hope you all are doing well ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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