All new Diampond shaped Shreddies!

by OUTLAW 14 Replies latest jw friends


    Well I must say,I am amazed..Do any of you remember the Breakfast Cereal called "Shreddies?"..They were square in shape and made from Whole Wheat.....Did you know,they are now made in a Diamond Shape?!.......An incredible move in marketing!.....Some still prefer the old Square shape.....Do you like the new Diamond shaped Shreddies?..Or..Do you prefer the old Square shaped Shreddies?..Crazy Eyes.....................Laughing Mutley...OUTLAW

  • shamus100


    I love that marketing campaign! I love the new and improved diamond shreddies - very tasty...

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    Just stepped in,

    OK, I'll bite. LOL Get it? LOL Nevermind, leaving again.

  • shamus100

    Sarah Paulin was against the new design - she's a horrid person! You know, when she was in grade three, she punched a fellow classmate and didn't say she was sorry.


    Post has just announced the new Shreddies Combo Pak!.....They will be marketing a new box of Shreddies..With both the New Diamond Shape and the old Square Shape,in the same Cereal box!.....The best of both world`s!!.......Laughing Mutley...OUTLAW

  • Satanus

    Gawd, life is just so rich!



    Post is really promoting this new Diamond Shaped Shreddie!..They will be putting out a line of Diamond Shaped,"Shreddie Jewelery!".......BravoBravoDancing In A CircleWoohoo 2.......................Laughing Mutley...OUTLAW

  • VM44

    I want them in the shape of a rhombus!


  • Hope4Others

    Your too funny......


  • cameo-d

    Not for long. They are going to cut the diamond shapes in half.

    Look for the new triangle pieces...coming soon.

    Fresh Harvest fulfills loan obligations to Illuminati

    14th February 2008 By Staff Writer

    Fresh Harvest Products has completed in full its loan obligations to Illuminati in lieu of the cash payment of principal and interest by issuing common stock sufficient to enable Illuminati to have a majority control of the corporation.

    Fresh Harvest has issued to Illuminati 12,387,190 shares of restricted common stock giving Illuminati 50.01% majority control of the outstanding shares of the company's common stock. The loan was incurred in connection with the company's 2005 merger whereby it become public, reporting company pursuant to the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. By issuing the majority control of Fresh Harvest to Illuminati, Fresh Harvest is able to decrease its current liabilities by $432,000, which is the amount that Fresh Harvest would have had to pay Illuminati to maintain control of Fresh Harvest.

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