Yes I am alive and well

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  • orangefatcat

    To all my very dear friends, yes I am here and well, I have been getting new medical help for my severe headaches and must admitt I am getting some positive relief. The treatment isn't so pleasant however just for the relief of some terrible headaches for a couple of days I am willing to go through the treatment.

    Also I am now officailly off of my opiate drugs. Morphine. After being one it for eight years and totally addicted to it I knew I had to stop as it was running me. I was constanting tired and no energy. I slept more then I was awake and just didn't quite feel I was doing anything good for my body. I made it a matter of prayer and I know it is only through His strength I got throught these past three weeks of withdrawls. And it wasn't pretty neither, I was sick as a dog.

    But now most of the withdrawls have passed and I feel more alert and can remember. Wow that is a biggy as I thought I was losing my memory. I would read sometimes the same sentence over and over again and again and still it didn't click and now I read and recall it back. yabba dabba doo.

    I still have tons of pain but I will adjust to it and try other methods to elivate it with out the aid of drugs. I really never knew how totally dependant I was on them until I tried to stop and then you know exactly how bad you really were addicted to them.

    I thank God he gave me the courage and strength and the prayers of others.

    I love all of you so much and how many of you have been a real inspiration to me. Thanks to all of you.


  • BabaYaga

    Glad you are doing better, Dear Orange Fat Cat. Courage and strength and prayers are darned good things to have around.


  • LDH

    Orange, I was not aware that you hadn't been doing well. My thoughts are with you.

  • simplesally

    So glad you are feeling better! Nice to hear from you :)

  • Gopher

    Good to hear that you're "alive and well". Best wishes on non-opiate remedies / coping with your pain. I deal with arthritis pain almost every day. Although my pain level is less severe than yours, I know pain can really sap your strength. Take care of yourself OFC.

  • carla

    I'm glad you are on the road to recovery! Take care, carla

  • Dagney

    So good to hear from you! What a thing your've been through!

    I wish you continued strength and healing.

  • PEC


    I am glad you are past the worst of your withdrawals. I hope you get the headaches under control.


  • orangefatcat

    Thanks everyone, your all so kind, I am feeling alot better today, and am going to go out and get some sunrays..

    I hope all of you a great day.

    Blessings to all of you


  • snowbird
    I made it a matter of prayer and I know it is only through His strength I got throught these past three weeks of withdrawls

    Matthew 11:28-30.


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