'If you go to my church this Sunday I will go to yours next Sunday'

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  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    How many Witnesses would take up that offer if a person at the door asked them? I am willing to say that not one would. If that doesn't scream out "CULT"! then nothing does. Witnesses wants everyone to read their literature, however anything from any other religion is off limits to them. If you know too much about the Witnesses then you are an apostate. If you know more about their religion than they do or more about the Bible you are an apostate. If you talk about the problem with child molesters with a Witness you are an apostate. If you are in and question anything seriously you will be called an apostate.

    The Witchtower Bable and Trick Society knows what they are doing.

    Sour Grapes


    How many Witnesses would take up that offer if a person at the door asked them?

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    That is a great questions Sour.

    I once heard a man say that this exact thing helped him to wake up after someone asked him that question while he was out on service. You never know what question or issue will help wake someone up. I am learning that the most innocent questions spoken in an innocent manner is often the best route. You have to disarm people in a manner of speaking.

    just saying,,,,,and agreeing

  • stuckinarut2


    Yes, they feel that because they have the TRUTH, they don't NEED to listen to anything else from any other source that the GB!!!

    That is called delusional thinking!

  • Garrett

    I remember going to doors when I was uber zealous, we had a few householders that posed that very question. One householder said "I'll take your magazines if you take my pamphlet". The sister who was talking, took it and we left. When she got in the car, she was holding and looking at it as if she was holding something incredibly vile and disgusting. We drove to the nearest trash can and she threw it away.

    No witness will ever accept that offer, ever. I agree with you 100%

  • jhine

    A friend of mine did say to a Witness ,after being invited to a KH , "when I see you in my church I will come to yours ." Needless to say neither happened !


  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman

    I said that to a girlfriend of mine who became Born Again. She refused to go to the Kingdom Hall and married a Born Again she met after knowing him for 3 months, so this is human nature and not a JW thing.

  • Clambake

    Not really

    Anyone from an evangelical church can visit a KH and hear what they have to say. A baptized JW would be dfd for attending an evangelical church even a single Sunday.

    From people I have known that been sucked in my a door to door visit and left later is how incredibly friendly they are at the door how incredibly hate filled it becomes when you enter the KH. A knew a guy just walked out in middle of a study when an elder made an off color comment about a fire at our local catholic church.

  • carla

    Numerous people have made that very deal with my jw including myself. When he first joined up and for a few years after he sometimes said he would but only if the person went to the kh first. Fortunately all of them had been forewarned about jw's lying doctrine and would only agree to go if he went to church first. You can guess how that worked out, no church and no kh for either parties.

    Then he gets arrogant and huffy and says Christians are not allowed to go to a kh but we all tell him we have no desire to go and no church would df someone for going. He does not understand that a person of real faith would not be affected by walking into a kh, mosque, temple or any other religious building or meeting. We just don't want to get his personal cult persona hopes up by our going even once to a kh. Nor do we want or need to experience love bombing first hand.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    the real reason, I can't go to your church because I will be attack by

    DEMONS. So you would look like a nut if you told the householder that. LOL

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