Hand of the Almighty

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    I won't post the link because it contains profanity... But, if you are agnostic or atheist, you might find the video "Hand of the Almighty" by John R. Butler on You Tube, pretty darn funny... Here are the lyrics, sanitized for the protection of the innocent by replacing the offending words with cluck and spit respectively:

    Oh sinner, do no stray
    From the straight and narrow way
    For the Lord is surely watching what you do

    If you approach the Devil's den
    Turn 'round, don't enter in
    Lest the hand of The Almighty fall on you

    He'll cluck you up (He'll cluck you up)
    Yes, God will cluck you up
    If you dare to disobey His stern command
    He'll cluck you up (He'll cluck you up)
    Don't you know He'll cluck you up
    So you better do some prayin' while you can

    Long ago a man named Lot
    Had a wife he thought was hot
    But she could not stop her black and sinful ways
    You know it was her own damn fault
    When God turned that b**** to salt
    That's the way He used to work back in those days

    He clucked 'em up (He'll cluck you up)
    He really clucked'em up
    When the people went and turned their backs on Him
    He can cluck you up (He'll cluck you up)
    No spit He'll cluck you up
    Just like He clucked the people up back then

    I used to have a friend named Ray
    Who walked that evil way
    He cursed and drank and broke his neighbor's fence
    You know Ray was full aware
    That some sheep were over there
    And he knew them in the biblical sense

    God clucked him up (He clucked him up)
    He went and clucked Ray up
    Went and paid him back for all his wicked sins
    He clucked him up (He clucked him up)
    Clucked that boy completely up
    Now he's married to a Presbyterian

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