The View - Sherri Shepherd - confirmed raised as JW

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I know there has been talk about this but am not sure if it was just speculation. But it is confirmed.

    Today on "The View" Sherri Shepherd admitted she was raised as a JW.

    Sherri Shepherd commented that she and Michelle Rodriguez (from "Lost") had something in common. Guest Michelle disclosed she was raised as a JW and reached over and grabbed Sherri's hand. "Yes we were raised as JWs." Sherri didn't say much after that but Michele said she refused to allow anyone to tell her what to think.

  • tinker

    In the first year Sherri was a guest host on The View she mentioned JW's a few times. I was curious what her connection was so I emailed her on the show and she wrote back very quickly that Yes, indeed she had been raised as one of JW's. I replied that she was in a unique position to expose some of the cultist ways of the religion. We exchanged several emails and she explained that due to her having family and acquaintances still members of the religion she was careful not to alienate them. But she also said when opportunities arise on the program she would try to enlighten people about how the religion operates.

    Oh and she also said that one of her best friends is currently trying to break free from the witness and they are attending at Christian Church together.

    I thought it was very nice that she read my notes and was willing to share her personal experiences openly.

  • DoomVoyager

    Isn't Sherri Shepherd the one who thinks that the world is flat and that the first civilization on earth was "Christians"? I don't think we need her as our spokesperson.

  • yknot

    She use to mention it in some of her comedy acts, and often in interviews......

    Michelle too until recently was very upfront about her JW upbringing

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