How do civilizations "just go missing"?

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  • JWdaughter

    REALLY INTERESTING!! Thanks for the plug. Maybe they all went missing during the 'flood'? :)

    So many people, so many cultures, so much time-I am surprised we find out as much as we do! I liked the bit about keeping up with the Jones's latrines (or however they put it!) I can appreciate a society that valued hygiene and health. I bet they were never wiped out by disease or plague if it was really the case.

    The Indus is a difficult terrain-not like Egypt-right there in the middle of the origin of civilization, near two continents etc. There are still cultures in So. America that are just being found, and peoples (alive today) that are only just being discovered. It's a big, busy world.

    I am going to read up more on it, thanks!

  • Octarine Prince
    Octarine Prince

    Your best post yet.


  • Hortensia

    I read the links you posted. I remember seeing some stuff on television about Mohenjo Daro (sp?) and I read some stuff too. If you like that sort of thing, but a little lighter reading, "The Road to Ubar" is a great book about a city that disappeared. Subject of lots of mythology. The author decided to use high tech stuff like satellite photos to find the city and he succeeded! Where it turned out to be and who still lives there was a surprise. I've read that book more a few times - it's always a good read.

  • possible-san

    Although I do not know whether people are interested, the word "Harappa" means a "field" in Japanese language.

    Therefore, if Japanese people hear that word, "a place without a building etc" will be imagined.

    Therefore, it says, "Harappa is harappa truly."


  • Thomas Poole
    Thomas Poole

    They all look the same to me.

  • SacrificialLoon

    Whatever happened to Burgundy? The Swiss pike, that's what! :)

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