Is the WTS. controlled by Satan the Devil in view of what its done ?

by Homerovah the Almighty 10 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Pahpa

    I think we who have been influenced by the Watchtower Society tend to put too much significance on the importance of this organization. In comparison with other religious movements it is quite insignificant. And the "sins" of this organization pales with some of the historical records of other religions. The fact is that there are good and bad individuals in most of these groups including Jehovah's Witnesses. The problems arise when the bad ones get control of an organization and force their views upon others. We have seen this happen time after time not only in religious groups but also in political, financial and social organizations. It only takes the greed and selfishness of a few to influence the whole.

    I think the jgnat is probably right on this subject. We tend to make everything in terms of "black and white." We can not dismiss the responsibility of those individuals who might claim "the devil made me do it." They alone have to answer for their "deeds."

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