Independent Thinking: Is it Wrong?

by cameo-d 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • Satanus

    'Like, "we are all connected to the same Source of All That Is." Nonsense phrases like "We are all part of the ONE great consciousness."'

    This realization must be arrived at independently. As long as you are depending on somebody elses experience, religion, intercession, god, then you are not independent. To be independent, you must come to accept that, at your core you are ok. Fear is the obstacle. You post reeks of it.


  • zagor
    Would you ever go for any teaching that required "unity of thought"?

    Do you really think that independent thinking and individuality is what's causing all the problems in the world?

    No what is causing problems is people's inability to accept possibility that not everyone thinks like them and sees the world with different eyes.

    Unity can be another label for uniformity where you have to adhere to the code of those around you or else. Real unity can only come from free people who out of their free will freely CHOSE to follow certain line because for instance, experience had shown that it will bring optimum returns not because if you don't another option is for you to wait execution, for that is what things like Armageddon really are.

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