The Great Apostasy is months away?

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  • cameo-d

    It's time for "The NEw SOng".

    Same as the old will be a lie.

    The teachings will surprise you and the word will be those that can't change and go with the program will be left behind.

    It will be so fast it will make your head swim.

    As always, Jehovah/satan will dangle the carrot of promised knowledge...but you have to committ blindly first. The knowledge and understanding will come later. Same promise; same lie.

    The new teachings will be that humans were an abandoned experiment and the reason the nephilim mated with the women was to try to raise the intellect through the gene pool.

    As in the days of Noah, the Nephilim are rising again.

    They will teach you that god is a hoax, created by man. Religion has always been based on superstition, habits, and convictions and accepting the limits of religious knowledge. However, the system has not functioned properly.Oral traditions have been accepted and taken as truth without proof.

    Eventually they will also tell you that Jesus did not die on a cross or torture stake or anything else. He left the area and went to live in India. When you hear them start talking about Jesus on the Silk Road or the Lost Years of Jesus, get ready for a piviotal point.

    Your Jehovah is Satan. Jesus was real and is the closest communication we have with our creators. Hold onto that.

    They will teach that man reaches perfection through "balance." There will be more buzz words and lofty phrases like that that you will perceive that you understand. The new song is to teach you how to become balanced.To become balanced you must be transformed. You will be in a process of becoming. Don't believe any of this new mumbo-jumbo.

  • BluesBrother
    What in the world is the Governing Body thinking these days?

    Who knows????

    They seem to be obsessed with saving money...perhaps they have to. But,if this true,and if they stick to the plan will this really save a lot in the great scheme of things?

    The local Circuits provide the car and accommodation. The C/O's are not like highly paid employees of a company and some will still be on the payroll . I can only see that the congs will suffer from an inferior "service" from local Joe Elder and not the C/o..The Society may well lose some control , as the C/O's were total Company Men.

    I cannot understand reducing Public Talks to 30 mins, or removing Group Studies either

  • eyeslice

    I cannot understand reducing Public Talks to 30 mins, or removing Group Studies either

    Neither can I. Nothing they do today seems to make sense to me, its all about uniformity and control.


    There`s going to be some pissed off CO`s..The ones in our area did well with Green Hand Shakes..That money will dry up if the CO`s can`t make their rounds.....If CO`s thought life was tuff on the road,wait till they`re stuck in one congregation.....No Title,no money and no way out.....................Laughing Mutley...OUTLAW

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    I cannot understand reducing Public Talks to 30 mins, or removing Group Studies either

    One theory is that it is to fit the meeting schedule into the new "visiting elder" arrangement. The Sunday meeting will allow for a longer talk (60mins) from the visitor plus 30 min WT and 30 min public talk. The same with the book study being condensed and merged with the other meetings. It's to allow the visiting elder to visit Thursday-Sunday and earn his keep the rest of the week!

  • Balsam

    I imagine my ex is saying to himself and his jw loyal wife " boy the end must really be close we're gearing up for Armaggedon for sure now". It will never occure to him they are just cutting back because the money is drying up. LOL


  • itsallgoodnow

    I hadn't heard anything about the elimination of the CO position, but I kind of wondered. The PO in a hall in my area was on the verge of becoming one, and so far, nothing. I heard he kind went a little nuts and his temper has been flaring. Lashing out at anybody and everybody in the most embarrassing ways. It's all the talk. I had wondered if they didn't make him one because they were phasing it out... he spent his whole life trying to get there, too. what a shame for him. At least now he can focus on building up retirement savings before it becomes too late for him. Personally, I think they are doing him and his wife a big favor.

  • abbagail

    Keep assemblies going, that's where the cash comes in.


    All of this is SO funny. Love reading everyone's interpretations on the WT going into skeleton mode.

    I cannot understand reducing Public Talks to 30 mins, or removing Group Studies either.

    Ditto! What a shocker that was to hear. The WT has been doing strange things for about two years now, starting with the mag changes, etc.


    Nothing is more sad to me than seeing JWs/exJWs who still believe the Bible prophecies specifically describe the WT org in any way, shape, or form (such as the Revelation 12 link provided above by MadMary) as NOTHING could be further from the truth. Absolutely NOTHING in the OT, NT, nor Revelation is describing the WT org. Trust me, NOTHING. (I did take a very quick look at that link). WW3? Yes. But the WT is NOT the "remnant" nor the "woman" in Rev. 12, nor in any other part of Bible prophecy. First rule of Bible interpretation: Read in context and see WHO is being addressed. Nowhere will you find the WT in there. Scratch ALL WT teaching from your mind and heart and start from scratch. It's not that hard to do, and everything will begin to make sense, without "mind-bending" and "forcing" of interpretations.

    JWs fall into the same categories as every other human being on the planet:


    the NATIONS

    BELIEVERS (the Body of Christ)

    There is no other place you can stick the WT and the JWS than in either/or of those categories. So choose where you fit in and start over, or JWs very well may be "left behind" to go "through" the Trib, as WT would LOVE for them to do - suffer suffer suffer!!! (vs. obtaining to the BLESSED HOPE which all believers are entitled).


  • abbagail

    It will be so fast it will make your head swim.

    I get the same feeling... when the "true purpose" (or "goal") of the WT org is "revealed," it will happen fast, and all still-clinging JWs will be swooped up in a swift trap w/no way out. In the interim it appears they are "compacting" and "condensing" for better control.

    Just a feeling. NO PROOF. "Feelings" are allowed, no? ;-)

    JWs should heed Rev. 18: "Get out of Mother Org my people, if you do not want to share in her SINS."


  • abbagail

    Correction: It was Vanuatu's post re: Rev. 12 I was referring to, not MadMary. Sorry about that. It won't let me edit the original post.


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