3 day event in London for Ex-JWs 2009

by Terri_OS 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • Terri_OS

    Hi guys,

    Sorry, I wrote the link down wrong. Here it is: http://exjw.meetup.com/395/

    Next one is Saturday 6pm 26th September. Details at above link.

    Also, it probably won't be 3 days now, maybe just 1 or 2. It depends on how much interest there is, as the cost will be split between the amount of possible people coming. The more that come, the cheaper it is.

    I'm also considering just making it solely for ex-jws and any current jws that may be interested in asking a few questions. As I think it will be a mammoth task to invite lots of ex-cult members.

    So far about 20 people are interested, which wouldn't cover the cost really. Well unless everyone paid a really high amount. If anyone knows any cheap venues in London that would be suitable please let me know. Cos London is pretty expensive in general. I'm considering having it in the Midlands, which might make it a lot cheaper for people. But of course if more people are in teh South, then it's still cheaper to have it in London.

    I'll speak with Steve soon, and get more details on what to expect. I'm also waiting on someone elses reply who may be able to advise.


  • boyzone

    Count me definately IN Terry! How will you get details to us once JWD has gone. This is one event I don't want to miss! Will you take our emails from here?

    A great idea. I look forward to hearing Steve in person.

  • SM62

    Hi Terri,

    I would definitely attend.


  • Terri_OS

    Hi guys,

    good point about jwd closing. If you are interested in attending, maybe even if you are just contemplating it right now, then do drop me an email [email protected] or feel free to add me on facebook. I'm the only Terri O'Sullivan on there. Just say you are an ex-dub and i'll add ya!


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