Anyone have any 'Too close for comfort' moments with an elder ? (ladies)

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  • billie jean
    billie jean

    Thats very true, i too believe that this happens. funnily enough two of those elders i described have since been DF'd, both of a (sexual nature)

  • Jim_TX

    I probably shouldn't reply to this since a) I'm not a 'lady', and b) The incident didn't involve an elder.

    My ex-wife - who was (and still is) a JW - asked a JW man over to help fix our ice-maker one time. I was at work - but knew she had asked him over. This fella was older than my wife - and, in fact was the father of a woman that my ex-wife went to school with.

    Anyway, he gets there - and fixes the problem - then cops a feel on my ex-wife, and makes some remark about having sex right there and then. She was taken aback - but somehow told him to get out of there. He left.

    She told me about this incident when I got home from work. Now - keep in mind that my ex-wife had known this man for many years. He was married - with a family, a 'good' JW, etc.

    I didn't know what to say - or do. (I would know what to do now... but that's not what I did back then.) I asked her what she wanted to do about it. Report it?

    She decided that she would talk to some 'elders' and let them know what happened.

    She later told me that she had talked to some 'elders', and they let her know that they knew about this man... "...what did your husband say?" was what they kept asking her. I think that they were afraid of me - and that I might just go to the police and report it. Once they found out I hadn't - they pretty much dropped it.

    I think that this fella - got away with a lot. He wasn't really considered 'active' - or whatever they call it... but he was still considered a JW. For some reason, the powers that be - just let it slide - and looked the other way.


    Jim TX

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Are PO back in the 70's was in his early 40's when he had an affair with a 20 year old, he eventually got caught and was DF

    this whole thing brought such a disgrace to his family they eventually moved out of town and never were heard from again.

    What pissed me off the most was his son was my best friend at the Hall and we were neighbors at the time.

    Never heard from him again either

  • mgmelkat

    I copped a feel by a couple of elders. One used to always touch my butt when I was a teen. And recently another elder, who he and his wife used to always help me put the kingdom first as a teen felt me up on two occasions- now I'm in my thirties!!! I told my parents. They thought it was funny.

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