Do you travel for business or pleasure?

by compound complex 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • Robdar

    I travel every chance I get. Am heading to the Smokey Mts on Saturday. I can't wait!

  • Junction-Guy

    I may be going to the Smoky Mts saturday also. They are only 40 miles away from me though. It depends on whether my brother comes down this weekend or not.

  • Robdar

    Well, heck, pm where you are going to be. The Smokeys are a big place but maybe we can all find each other. My family will be there too. It's a family reunion.

  • junctions-wife

    I travel for pleasure when I can afford too. I fly out next week to go see a friend in Roswell New Mexico. This will be my 1st vacation in about 3 years. The last vacation I went on was going to Penn for the Witness' Now for Jesus Conference.


  • FlyingHighNow

    When Clinton was president I had a good job and made a lot of money and would travel to Colorado or British columbia and go skiing.

    Nowadays I travel to the grocery store if I can afford the gas.

    I don't drive anywhere unless it's completely necessary. Thanks to the current prez admin, only people well off can afford to travel at every whim. Sometimes it seems almost diabolical.

  • chickpea

    i have been overseas a few times
    for the travel experience
    (new zealand, england, ireland)

    for the last few years i have crossed
    the northern border into canada about 30 times....
    a combination of personal and business....

    i have been to about 3 dozen of the states
    almost exclusively for personal travel....

    lately? i walk the dogs to the cemetary and read headstones

  • shamus100

    I am never home with work.

    When I'm on days off, I'm travelling.

    My life is somewhat odd - I admit it. I'm never home.

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