I am "totally" confused on what the "Apostolic Holiness Church" teaches.

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  • booker-t

    I work with a girl that just joined my department at work and I am totally confused by her beliefs. I thought that JW's were strict but the Apostolic Holiness Church is running neck and neck with the JW's. This girl I'll call her "Betty" says women wearing pants and makeup is a "sin" amounting to burning in Hell. She said that wearing Jewelery is wrong. She can only listen to Gospel Music. R&B, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country etc; is forbidden. She says that her minister looks down on people watching TV or going to the movies. Also getting a Haircut is considered "Worldly". Is this just another cult or is the Apostolics just extreme "legalistic"? The reason I am asking is I find myself walking on eggshells around her and I don't like that feeling. Anybody familiar with the Apostolic Church or is a former member might help enlight me.

  • yknot

    Well until your post...I have never heard of such a church.....

    Found this on the web though..... http://www.apostolicholiness.org/

  • yknot

    or perhaps this is her church's website... http://www.apostolicchristian.org/

    They ban cosmetics and jewelry on one of the 'unofficial' websites http://www.bibleviews.com/AC.html

  • dinah

    Sounds like what they call the "Holiness" religion in the south. Women cannot wear make-up or pants. They let their hair grow to their butt and put it in a bun. At church they speak in tongues and some more devout congregations play with snakes.

    A man has TOTAL control of the home and the kids.

    Hmmmm, I guess I woulda got kicked out of that religion too.

  • FlyingHighNow

    On women wearing dresses: I walked into a thrift shop run by a church. The east Indian pastor/idol of the apostalic church who ran the shop, was sitting behind the register. He got into a conversation with me and started preaching to me about my jeans. In a stroke of genius, I came back with a perfect reply which left him speechless with his mouth agape. He could not argue with me.

    What was my reply? "In Bible times, men and women did not wear pants. They wore robes and dress type garments. What distinguished male garments from female garments," I asked him? He said that it was the kind of robes and sashes, fringe, etc. attached.

    "So the men did not wear pants?"

    "No, I guess they didn't."

    "So do you think maybe the scriptures you reference, to insist women not wear pants, were really just saying that people shouldn't cross dress?"


    I called his attention to my Sears, two way stretch denim, full cut jeans for women with small waists and curvy hips. "Do you think these jeans are made for men?"

    "No. A man would not wear those jeans."

    "Note that the zipper on these jeans opens the opposite way, just like buttons do on women's shirts, opposite from men's garments. Note that the pockets are smaller and more feminine, with embroidery." My jeans were not tight and sexy. I never liked tight clothing. I still don't like to wear tight clothing. It's uncomfortable." "Do you think my jeans look terribly immodest? I sure don't."

    He agreed my jeans were different from men's jeans and they were not tight and immodest.

    "So, then, do you think Biblical scriptures about gender exclusive dress had anything to do with pants? Men in the British Isles wear kilts and some African and Arab men wear "dresses". Where did pants come from? And are men and women's pants different?"

    He had a look of epiphany on his face. He did not continue to respond. I made my point with him. The "groupie" church women behind him had wide eyes and you could see the wheels turning in their heads. They waited for him to repsond to me, to prove my reasoning wrong and from the devil. He just kept quiet. His eyes and mouth were wide with amazement. I'd like to think that eventually, he relaxed the dress code of his church.

  • FlyingHighNow

    My sister in law Ruby and I decided one day that the Holiness way of dressing is a form of birth control. Here is a link to an article about why women need to wear skirts. There needs to be a distinction between the sexes, by cracky!

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    Octarine Prince

    Principles gone cancerous.

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