Was Cain the Son of Satan?

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  • cameo-d

    Well, hey guess what!

    Lyndon LaRouche thinks Satan sired Cain.

    Robert L. Bartley, writing in The Wall Street Journal, criticizes the title of a LaRouche-sponsored pamphlet ("Children of Satan") attacking the

    neoconservatives. He quotes the pamphlet's assertion that a "cabal of [Leo] Strauss disciples, along with an equally small circle of allied neo-

    conservative and Likudnik fellow-travelers" have plotted a "not-so-silent coup." Noting that "Mr. LaRouche has chosen an Aryan-nation phrase for

    Jews (descendants of Cain, who was the result of Satan seducing Eve, in this perfervid theology)", Bartley terms the "Children of Satan" title "overt

    anti-Semitism." He also suggests that the use of the terms "Straussian" and "Neo-conservative" may be coded anti-Semitism when used by

    LaRouche and other writers. [75]


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