Do young JWs care about the dates 1914 or 1919 anymore?

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  • 1914BS

    The WT mags are using the word "1914" and "1919" less often because JW teenagers today could not care less about the hard core teachings of the past. The JW religion today is not the same religion it was even 10 years ago

  • minimus

    Old JWs don't even care about failed dates either.

  • 1914BS

    .........because the current truth in the latest WT mag is all that matters??

  • eyeslice

    I find the Watchtower and Awake to be totally vague now a days regarding key Watchtower dates.

    I am sure that the average JW is no theologian and do not understand or care about theology. THose remain in do so because of family and social reasons, not for any love of God or a conviction that we are living in the end times.

  • 1914BS
    1914BS JWs read the WT mags, thus justifying their ignorance of reality??

  • sir82

    Young JWs seem to pretty much fall into 2 camps, based on my experience:

    1) The vast majority who are there for social reasons or family tradition or just custom, and would be hard-pressed to define any JW doctrine, let alone explain the nuttier teachings like 1914

    2) A small core of ambitious position seekers, who have the goal to "be somebody" in the organization, like a missionary, or an elder before age 30 (or elder's wife before age 30), or to get on the fast track to becoming a "Bethel heavy", etc.

    But even group 2 is more concerned about "playing by the rules", not so much about understanding doctrine.

    And that is the reason the WTS can change fundamental core doctrines 180 degrees overnight, and people just keep on attending.

  • insearchoftruth

    I would agree with you sir82, my wife who is studying with a jw right now was brought up in a family of jws and never dunked. I have asked her about the dates and she has not even commented on them or asked what is so important about 1914 or 1919....

  • yknot

    1914, 1918, & 1919 are being flung left and right from the podium.

    I admit I haven't read the public editions.... but I hear so many comments from the WT study referencing those dates.

    Oh well until they completely script the public talks and can actually brainwash the dubbies to only repeat the WT verbatim... they will continue.

  • yknot

    That all said, the only 'younger ones' who believe in 1914 are those whose parents are born before 1964...( but even then I know some who don't)

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Excellent observations, sir82. That's exactly what I see too.

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