Brooklyn Bethal lunch break.

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  • daniel-p

    One of the jobs I had at Wallkill we had to leave our work at about 11:45AM, go take showers, clean up, change into slacks and dress shirts and nice shoes, walk over to the dining hall together, I think lunch started at 12:10, have about 25 minutes to eat, leave the dining room at 12:35-12:40, get back to the locker room, change, then be back at work by 1:00PM.

    I did that for a few months, then finally I had enough. It was a huge waste of time. For all the people who had desk jobs, it was great for them, they had nearly the whole hour. But for those with physical jobs, it came down to about 20 minutes of relaxation and eating. So I started to just head back to my room and chill out for as long as I could, a lot of times I would take a nap to gain more energy for the long day and meeting night ahead. Then I would jog back to my workplace and hammer out four more hours.

    After the first few months I hardly ever went to lunch again. I got assigned to a job where I had access to the kitchen, so I had nearly an unlimited supply of food.

  • gymbob

    Like Daniel said, how long you had for work really depended on where you worked. Sometimes in the Ink dept. we would get really dirty and have to leave very early if we planned to make it to lunch. But, if you worked in the home, in a office, you didn't have to change clothes, just go down stairs.

    Back and forth from the factory was about a 10 minute walk, not a bad neighborhood (for Brooklyn) just not recomended for a night time stroll. Gymbob

  • gymbob

    Also, you didn't need to wear a tie to the table, just a nice shirt & slacks (no jeans). Some wore ties because that's what they wear in the offices.

  • lrkr

    Now they have dining rooms in the Office complex and at the Sands building (near the Factory)- so the walk isn't what it once was (I still dont think it was a mile).

    But the other aspects are correct- clean up- put on a tie- wait for prayer- and 20 minutes to wolf down lunch.

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