JW child taken out of hospital - now cured of cancer

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  • Xanthippe

    JW child cured according to BBC this morning. If you remember the child's parents took him out of the Southampton, UK hospital against the doctors' advice to have proton beam therapy for his brain tumour in Prague. Interesting follow-up article.

  • Phizzy

    I admired this couple at the time for thinking for themselves, and for putting their chid's welfare first.

    I wish the family, and especially little Ashya, all the very best,

  • bemused
    Great news. Isn't science wonderful?!
  • cofty

    I hope he continues to do well.

    To be fair the child had a tumour removed successfully by the original hospital.

    The debate was about the most suitable type of adjunctive therapy. He was not cured by proton-beam therapy.

    It is far too soon to talk about being "cured" of cancer. It's in remission following initial treatment. Let's hope it stays that way.

  • Xanthippe

    Just to be clear I was referencing the BBC who in this article are quoting the child's parents who say he is free of cancer.

    I thought as we had pages and pages of this story on this forum it would be fair to look at the follow-up story.

    My sister survived cancer and my cousin is undergoing chemotherapy at the moment for cancer, both long processes, so I know this child isn't out of the woods yet but like Phizzy and bemused I think this is great news and I wish this family all the very best.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast
    Its good to see him on his feet and kicking a ball. I am just sorry that this case has become a political football. His parents have acted in what they see as their child's best interests. I for one will cheer them on and hope the future is rosier than the nightmare they have been through.
  • kaik
    This case received widespread media attention the Czech Republic. I hope little Ashya recovers and lives normal childhood. If his parents did not stand against arrogance and ill-will of bureaucracy, he may have been dead.
  • cofty
    If his parents did not stand against arrogance and ill-will of bureaucracy, he may have been dead

    I'm sorry but this is simply untrue.

    Ashya received world-class care from highly-skilled NHS neurosurgeons who removed his tumour. Normal procedure is to then begin a course of adjunctive radiotherapy to kill any cancer cells that might still remain.

    Ashya's parents thought that proton beam therapy was preferable even though doctors told them it was less appropriate in brain cancers. They chose to buy proton beam therapy.

    There was a serious breakdown of communication between doctors and parents.

  • Fernando

    Arrested for choosing an alternative therapy?

    Something very wrong with those who saw the parents' choice, free will, and informed consent, as criminal and chose to hound them in their darkest hour.

    Well done to the parents for how they conducted themselves.

    Maybe the parents should sue for malicious and wrongful arrest, along with gross incompetence?

  • kaik

    I believe what best medical cancer center said in the Czech Republic over NHS and CPS in UK who looked like jack asses over entire incident. They were trying to communicate with the British counterparts for several weeks who were not willing to hand over the care to the Prague Proton Center, which is btw BEST radiation therapy center in Europe and third in the world after Loma Linda and Mayo Clinic. There was serious breakdown of communication, but in the British side, who thought who knew best. Parents defied. If they were wrong they will be still held in the prison either in Spain or UK. It was not until public outcry and international embarrassment that

    1) Got Aysha to Prague to receive treatment

    2) Got parents released from jail in Spain

    3) And showed that UK cancer treatment lags behind the rest of Europe where Proton Therapy is a standard cancer care. NHS was not believing that it is standard because UK does not have single center until 2018.

    Without much of the publicity that case received, who knows how little Ashya would fare. Any case, the issue was that parents sought a best possible treatment and British prevented them from doing so and chased them across continent while getting embarrassed both in Spain and Czech Republic doing so.

    Proton Therapy is NOT alternative treatment. There is another one as good as in Prague in Munich and two other are in process to open in Central Europe within next two years. Kings family should sue for wrongful arrests and I am not surprised they do not want to return to UK. Czech press had covered the case much extensively. It was not after public outcry that British hospital decided six weeks later to sent medical records to Prague which were being requested by PTC since July but all these requests were ignored. Parents did what was right, they did not deserved to by haunted by British law enforcement, and had their name smeared.

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