Should God be convicted of war crimes???

by chuckyy 15 Replies latest jw friends


    Remember Steve Myers (Billy Connolly) a former lawyer whose frustration with

    the legal system drove him to a new career as a fisherman.

    However, when his boat is destroyed by an act of God, he heads to court to sue the Almighty.

    He sues the church as they claim to be god's representatives on earth - and wins.

  • hillbilly

    You get him to the courthouse and I'll miss work to be on a jury.

  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open

    Yes, he should. And he should be executed and sent to hell for them.

  • shamus100

    Very interesting question.

    If someone allows a crime to take place with previous knowledge and yet does nothing... and even watches and does nothing, would that person not be guilty too?

    I'd say yes. Unless satan has a gun to his head....

  • maximumtool

    Should "God" be convicted? I guess we are to assume you mean Jehovah?

    He should be convicted right along with Zeus, Baal, Dagon and Apollo.

  • WTWizard

    I'll be the judge and the jury. God is guilty as charged of causing the maximum amount of suffering that can be created, and He needs to be exposed as the most evil, vile, and wicked Being that could be imagined. As opposed to Jesus and Satan, both of whom attempted to undo Jehovah's evil work by trying to set man's thinking free of that Almighty Lowlife Scumbag.

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