FRUGALITY: How CRAZY did you go with it?

by Dogpatch 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • Dogpatch

    CoCo says,

    A few blocks away I found a store (name - ?) where I bought the lamp shade and the wiring, etc.).

    On Montague, no doubt, or did we save a few pennies, brave the dog doo, and go "downtown"?

    When you had only $5, a hardware store was like a candy shop. :-))

    Hey, I'm not giving kudos to myself, gang, this is just life back in the 70's, Armageddon was coming, and I had to get this %^&*#$% printing press running for Freddy!!

    The only reason I tithed is because I had land mines in my brain. :-))

    Most are out now, I think.


  • Dogpatch

    NY... says,

    when he died is all he had was pennies and an attic full of toilet paper.

    Wow, girl, that's just too sad. Glad to see ya here!


  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    I would hoard a dollar here and there and had to keep it secret or my hubby would spend it.

    But when the CO came to town, I would give every last dime of my savings to him, usually around $50-$200.

  • Dogpatch

    Hi aSphere, you said,

    But when the CO came to town, I would give every last dime of my savings to him, usually around $50-$200.

    I hope he was a good speaker! LOL

    Most circuit overseers were at least at times entertaining. I think they sacrificed WAY more than any Bethelites, including myself.

    At least the ones I knew did.


  • WTWizard

    Nothing that extreme in my former congregation. However, the lead hounder when I started had absolutely nothing of entertainment in his house. I saw the inside once, and all there was was theocraptic books, furniture to house it, and the basic appliances. I could not find so much as a tape player or a radio in the damn place.

    Then there is a family that became the lead hounders. During the period when I was going in, they had a reasonable lifestyle (at least materially). They had cable TV and a few "toys", including a guitar, in the basement. And they went out to eat occasionally. Then, sometime in the mid 1990s, they got rid of it all. The cable TV was cut off. Entertainment went out too. The toys sat in the basement, while every single member of that family decided to become regular pioneers. I bet they are going to be struggling materially when it's time to retire (and I am not going to give them even a single penny).

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