this scared the heck out of me

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  • Curious Kitten
    Curious Kitten

    Has anyone ever read this book ??? Jehovah is mentioned at the very bottom supposedly he is a reptilian God (demon) that resides on Jupiter ? Wth

  • GrreatTeacher

    Hi, Curious Kitten. I remember you!

    Now, what have you got up to? Reading a book like this.

    I think it's safe to say that this book is silly nonsense. Jehovah is the made up name of the Old Testament God. When I say made up, I mean that they knew the Jewish consonants, but made up the vowel sounds.

    Make sure you do some reality testing when reading. Is it likely that all of these people through the centuries have been in on a giant conspiracy? Wouldn't someone have talked in the last couple thousand years?

    Thanks for stopping back in, Curious Kitten. I'm glad you're continuing to read, research and learn!

  • Scully

    Oh boy. David Icke has to be one of the biggest nutjobs on the planet. Right up there with Georgio of Ancient Aliens ilk.

    I would read/watch these guys solely for entertainment purposes, because that's about all they're good for... a laugh.

  • Curious Kitten
    Curious Kitten
    Hi :) I stumbled upon it while researching aliester crowly. It really freaked me out. I hopeeee this is not true because I was looking up these men and they all look alike and have a creepy, sinister look to them. On normal Google images of them. George W Bush ...and Edward Heath have the same face and so does the queen of England lol. Maybe I'm just hallucinating idk.
  • Crazyguy
    When doing my research I found that there maybe some good and accurate information but in amongst it would also be a lot of misinformation. Guys like Gerald Massey and Zachariah Sitchin and others wrote a lot of nonsense that has been copied and reproduced. Ones need to really do your home work and double check your sources. Its kind of like being told a certain book is inspired of god and not checking to see if it really is.
  • stuckinarut2

    Ahhh the old "reptilian / illuminati" topic...

    Yep...there are crazy people who genuinely believe this crap

  • Garrett
    Illuminati confirmed.
  • WTWizard

    Joke-hova is above the reptilians. That thing is an alpha draconian--the head of such. And you do NOT want these things doing anything on you--they will totally destroy whatever your life mission was and create a new one for themselves, while stopping Satan and the real Demons from doing anything to help you. It is, in fact, these alpha draconians that are doing all they can to enslave us all, and the reptilians and greys are doing much of the work for them.

    Anyone still want to worship joke-hova?

  • Splash

    So these extra-terrestrial beings are invisibly present today?

    Who could believe such a thing!


    I like to keep an open mind about such things. I guess that humans could have been genetically engineered from existing hominids by the "God" ENKI. Who knows? I wasn't there, and neither were our modern day scientists.

    In fact, no one can say how life began. Perhaps some advanced beings did come to this planet long ago. Perhaps they did created humans? We can clone a sheep, why couldn't another race do something more advanced?

    As far as YHWH is concerned, it could be an evil creature, I don't know. Some say YHWH is an evil being allied with the enemies of Enki. Does he live on Jupiter?? Why would he? How could he or anything live there?? If there are other races on Earth, then they live here. Either underground or in the ocean.

    My question would be this: Why bother with humans? XIANITY is certainly a divisive force among humanity. Still, why come to Earth and harass primates, advanced or otherwise? Unless they are afraid of us?

    There is a belief out there about Enki. He created us and gave us freedom. In doing so he rebelled against the establishment of his race. His race feared that we would achieve a god-like state, so a conflict has been raging ever since.

    Think about modern humans for a moment. What would scare them more than anything else? Wouldn't it be a machine or genetically created being becoming sentient and "alive"?? Think of the moral and ethical questions and controversies. It wasn't that long ago that "modern" man considered other races besides Caucasians as sub-human. As disgusting as that is, it really happened. It's not that hard to imagine some other race of beings fighting over "humans", and our right to exist and advance.

    It's all speculative, of course. Who the hell knows how we got here! It could be an accident, nothing more. Don't worry about it too much. If some divine being really exists, or an advanced race created us, they can send you a text message! Seriously! Old scrolls, cryptic clay tablets?!? Just freaking Instagram me, or start an account on Pintrest! Jeeze, just come by for lunch on Saturday!!

    Just live your life. Don't get too freaked out by all the weird Internet stuff. Be especially wary of people making money by having answers for you. Go find your own answers. Or write a science fiction book!


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