A relatively new JW term - "Given Ones"

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  • Listener

    I apologize if this has already been addressed.

    I'm just having a look over at JW Talk and came across a very interesting thread talking about the terms used within the Organization, it is a real eye opener. For instance, they no longer use the term Society because to non believers it looks too cultish and implies that they may be secretive. Funny thing is that reading the whole thread makes them look so cultish and shows their secretive behaviour because the keep being told by the higher ups that there are more changes to come.

    This thread was started last year so some may already be familiar with the term.

    On this thread they discuss the new term 'given ones'. Here is how they define it

    <<Given One is a term that is being associated to the "other sheep" elders that will take lead of the Organization after all anointed are gone, that is, after the GT but before Battle of Arm, all anointed will join their King in the heavenly Kingdom, therefore, Organizational leadership will transfer to the Given Ones... note the Bethel speakers at the International Conventions this year >>

    Beggar of the Spirit goes into a long explanation regarding the term


    <<When someone speaks about the "Given Ones" today it is a scriptural term for those brothers today who are not anointed(Other Sheep) but have a role directly assisting the "Faithful & Discreet Slave"(as we now understand this referring to the Governing Body/Anointed at Headquarters).

    So to clarify, we have 1000s & 1000s of elders worldwide, but out of all the elders worldwide some have been chosen for weighty responsibilities assisting Jesus' Anointed Brothers.>>

    He goes on to explain how there were Nethinim men who were given more responsibilities in assisting the priests with the temple work (because their numbers were reducing). Another example of 'chosen ones' were a group of non Israelites singled out being the sons of the servants of Solomon.

    He then explains one of their roles

    <<At the world headquarters of the Society, under the direction of “the faithful steward” and its Governing Body, capable men receive training to help in preparing spiritual food supplies.

    (Luke 12:42) >>

    Also included are COs and DOs serving on Branch Committees, people who operate Bethel homes and factories, those that oversee the construction of halls/branch's.

    He states that the anointed on earth must decrease and the other sheep would increase and says

    <<This gives us confidence that as God’s people “come out of the great tribulation,” there will be experienced men—“princes”—prepared to take the lead among the other sheep.—Revelation 7:14; Isaiah 32:1; compare Acts 6:2-7>>

    So apparently God, I mean the GB, has already chosen those that will take the lead after they are gone. Amazing, God is capable of destroying thousands on earth but cannot appoint those he wants to lead, it is a legacy that will be left to man from the Governing Body.

    It appears that they are doing this because they want to promote these guys above the 11,000 (minus 7 GB members) by identifying a new class of people. They are just getting more and more absurd with their teachings.

  • FayeDunaway
    Also, why are the anointed actually increasing in number? Doesn't seem like there was an urgent need for this new class.
  • the comet
    the comet
    Interesting topic. It makes sense to do that, have a set authority system in place, just in case something happens. I agree the number of anointed is increasing, but these guys have to find somebody to run the company when they're gone. I just can't see the number of anointed men who they want to turn the business over to increasing. Then again it is a cult and the leaders now are insane, so maybe I'm just thinking to logically
  • Listener

    I don't think there are enough brothers for them to select from who are anointed. They have much better pickings if they can include the other sheep.

    Another possibility is that all who claim they are anointed are now born after 1935. It was after that year that an individual would have to declare that they were personally chosen. The GB members know it is all nonsense and have to be very careful who they pick.

  • smiddy

    Does the term "Given Ones" actually appear in scripture ? or is it an " interpretation" of a scripture word .

    Their is a big difference , in what is actually said and what is interpreted to be said .


  • fastJehu

    It's a term in the scriptures.

    One example:

    (Numbers 3:9) 9 You are to give the Levites to Aaron and his sons. They are given ones, given to him from the Israelites.

    More info about:

    *** w92 4/15 pp. 16-17 par. 21 Jehovah’s Provision, the “Given Ones” ***

    21 The Nethinim’s added privileges were linked directly to spiritual activities. The sons of the servants of Solomon evidently received administrative responsibilities. Similarly today, Jehovah has blessed his people with “gifts in men” to care for their needs. (Ephesians 4:8, 11, 12) Included in this provision are many hundreds of mature, experienced brothers who share in ‘shepherding the flocks,’ serving as circuit and district overseers and on Branch Committees at the Watch Tower Society’s 98 branches. (Isaiah 61:5) At the world headquarters of the Society, under the direction of “the faithful steward” and its Governing Body, capable men receive training to help in preparing spiritual food supplies. (Luke 12:42) Other longtime dedicated volunteers have been trained to operate Bethel homes and factories and to oversee programs worldwide in constructing new branch facilities and halls for Christian worship. They have excelled in serving as close helpers of the anointed remnant, who constitute part of the royal priesthood.—Compare 1 Corinthians 4:17; 14:40; 1 Peter 2:9.
  • Listener
    Thanks fast Jehu, looks like Beggar of the Spirit quoted directly from that source but did not acknowledge where it came from.

    Perhaps it's just a stalling tactic. When the current GB are all dead ( except Sanderson) and all who know and remember/care about WTBTS history are dead, then they can announce that "evidently" Jesus is picking new anointed ones in these last days leading up to 2034.

    If the trend holds at least half of born-ins will leave or fade away. JWs will come and go as usual. Growth in poor countries without Internet access will grow a bit, and JWism will be ran from Warwick. The world will still be here.


  • Splash
    It's so the Society can continue operating after the GB have all been thrown into prison.
  • Magnum
    I remember studying the Watchtower in '92 (I think it was '92) when the "new light" about the given ones and the Nethinim came out. However, it seems that they've quietly dropped the teaching - that even they realized it was BS. Do they still refer to it? I mean does the org still refer to it? I know some individual JWs do, but that doesn't mean anything. JWs never seem to know what JWs believe.

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