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  • fulltimestudent

    I've decided to graduate at the end of this year (2015). I need 69 credit points to graduate successfully at my university, and I already have about 80. I also have to write a capstone essay (of 5000 words) on a Ancient History topic.

    In addition, I'm doing two other 5000 word research essays this year. (One on the role of male-to-male prostitution in the rise of Kabuki theatre in 17th C. Japan. And another, that will argue that there was a close connection between the savage war the USA (from 1899) fought to subject the Philipinnes to American rule and the Communist victory in China (1949).

    What then about next year - Well, Macquarie has an interesting Masters degree called Master of Research. I'm thining about that!!!

    After that, ???????

    footnote: I nearly forgot, I enrolled in a Social Science study unit also. I've concluded that Sociology is an important tool in historical research.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    That is fantastic news, fulltimestudent! Good for you and all the best!


  • millie210

    It sounds like a lot of work but interesting and varied in topic nature.

    I am very impressed and happy for you fulltimestudent!

  • zeb
    you might do something on the place in Australian society of the aged and how they are treated in 'Care' homes. Believe me all the horror stories you hear are true.
  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    I will be graduating with my masters in history the fall of 2015…

    History Geeks of the World Unite!!!!!

    Best of luck on your research topics, they sound very interesting :)


  • Oubliette
    Congrats! Keep us posted. It sounds interesting.
  • Hortensia
    What a lot of hard work -- but you seem to really enjoy research and study. I've enjoyed your history threads -- some interesting stuff I might not have read about otherwise.

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