I frawkin' hate them................

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  • Vachi 8 He Is
    Vachi 8 He Is

    So I'm watching Family Guy tonight and my aunt is all "that show is trash". Now where did she get an idea like that? No, she hasn't ever watched the show but she was told by another dub of a segment that took place on one show. And the dub that told my aunt had the joke wrong in the first place so my aunt got a warped view. If dubs has their way we wouldn't be able to do anything outside of what takes place in their perception of paradise. I hate them. You spend all this time avoiding the life that's surrounds you and for what? Storing up treasures in heaven? What happens when you die and this truth turns out to be a lie? Then you would've wasted your life but of course at that time you wouldn't know you wasted it. I mean are we that freekin' impressionable that we can't even sit down and watch tv. They don't want you to build a thick skin toward stuff. It's just "Oh if you watch that you create a tolerance for it and then Satan can come in and blah blah blah" Shut the hell up. Satan makes it really easy to find him but with god (that douche) we gotta play hide and seek. god can't do jack for me but get bent.

  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open

    That's it... let it all out.

    [Goes to make Vachi 8 He Is a nice cup of tea]

  • jakmarx

    Lol. You know that the evil monkey in Family Guy becomes a Jehovah's witness.


  • Gopher

    Do you hate the individual JW"s who are misled, or the WT Society that creates the environment of blindness and mistrust in the first place? I tend more to feel sorry for narrow-minded individuals who can't seem to see past their own nose. I hold the leaders of the 'put-your-best-foot-forward' show in great contempt.

    JW's aren't the only religion that spreads narrow-minded fear among its followers. Many Southern Baptist churches are known for condemning consumption of alcohol and dancing, things allowed by the dubs.

  • lisavegas420

    Here's a picture of the Evil Jehovah Witness Monkey.

    For those that don't watch.


  • *summer*

    Family Guy...I just LOVE that show!!!

    Keep watching! Laughter is good...for body & soul

  • K.Matthews

    Money is not the root of all evil, religion is :)

  • ex-nj-jw
    It's just "Oh if you watch that you create a tolerance for it and then Satan can come in and blah blah blah" Shut the hell up.

  • sacolton



  • White Dove
    White Dove

    You hit it on the head! My paternal unit and I are locked in debate about the virtues/evils of looking at both side of the picture regarding the JW religion and the world.

    He and I both know the good part of the religion (I now know less of that) and the bad part of the world.

    Problem is he doesn't want to know the bad part of the religion and the good part of the world.

    I told him that isn't balanced. He said he will tolerate it because he wants to please Jehoba and live forever. He said he's done with this world.

    It's just not balanced. Soooo frustrating!

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