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    the comet
    NoGoodDeed- I would say if they are under 25 that's pretty typical for the states.
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    “NoGoodDeed”: I was surprised at how they tried to avoid talking to me. One told me that I should just take whatever literature I wanted and read it on the train. When I asked a question that I though was fairly innocent, two of the JWs just looked away. The third said, "We are not here to answer questions. We are just here to hand out magazines."

    I’ll be willing to bet that those JWs would believe you if you showed them hard evidence of any of the falsehoods in the history of the WT organization as much as they would believe you if you said you just arrived from another galaxy. Yep. Anything you could possibly present to them regarding Russell or Rutherford, etc., etc., would most definitely be met with, “Oh, you must have got that from apostates.” I would bet my boots and saddle on that!

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