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  • sacolton

    We may be seeing the mass exodus from the WTBTS. It certainly is hemmoraging members daily.

  • BabaYaga

    Hi again, Feenx... I read the article which was the one right on the first page currently, your July 6th post, "Bible Divine and Complete?". Nice.

    My beloved Bishop says that all spiritual writings are inspired, but fall short... and are infallibly colored by the fear and politics of the time. Regardless, they were all searching for (g)od. We still find truths and goodness in the mythologies.


  • feenx

    Man I'll tell you what, it's crazy about how accurate so called "mythology" can be. E.G. a writer by the name of Zechariah Sitchin has come across some very interesting things from the old Sumerian writings commonly passed of as myth. In his book Genesis Revisited he talks about papers in science magazines that he had published, PRIOR, to the NASA Voyager mission when the Earth saw the first pictures of Neptune. He had called out what the planet would look, colors, as well as size before those images came back. And when the TV images were seen his writings came true. He had gotten all his info from translating the Sumerian texts. How did the Sumerian's know what Neptune would look like?

  • BabaYaga

    Feenx quote: "How did the Sumerian's know what Neptune would look like?"

    Perhaps it is because we all know everything that there is to be known, but that concept terrifies us, so we live in a comfortable denial, in complete forgetfulness, from day to day.

    ...awakening? It's not going to be comfortable. Birth never is.

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