South Africa Court Saves Baby's Life

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  • jakes

    Thanks for posting this Frank.This happened in my former hometown. Glad to see the courts stepped in.


  • AgentSmith

    In my hometown in Gauteng a similar situation developed aprox 20years ago, maybe more. The baby needed a blood transfusion, Bro Elder and his wife said no. The courts stepped in saved the child's life.

    About 6 months after this incident the same Bro Elder (with Healthy child at home) becomes the society/congregation representative with hospitals, 'educating' doctor's of how JW's and blood transfusions must be handled. Every JW in our congregation that went in for a procedure or surgery, had him in tow. Some time later, when an 8 year old JW kid got hurt in a car crash, he was there, 'strengthening' the family and talking to the doctors. That child died by the way, not sure if the blood transfusion would have saved her life or not, no way of telling now, huh?

    I knew her well, as she was in our bookstudy group, and my sisters friend. I did not like the fact that this lovely kid had to die, but I just accpeted it as the way Jehovah wanted it. It was not God after all, the scripture is clear on the value of life. Never did get on with this a-ho....erm, elder after that. My mom needed surgery last year, and this idiot was there again, I almost lost my cool when I saw him walking in to the ICU. Had to keep it cool as my mom is still a raving JW, and I am flying below the radar... almost bit my tounge right off....

    Well, I am delighted that the SA courts acted in favour of the patient! Bravo!!

  • hamilcarr

    Freedom of religious folly is not unconditional.

  • purplesofa
    He emphasised that the parents did not oppose the application, but could not give consent themselves


  • cameo-d

    Not only is that good news and a victory...but finally the media has heard your voices and (in some areas) are starting to speak out about the evils of the Watchtower. I expect to see more and more "worldly" people standing up to them.

    Just look what this source had to say about WTS in an ad lib at the end of the story:

    from: Judge orders baby to be given blood transfusion


    They knew that their refusal meant signing the death warrant for the child.”

    She said it was fortunate that the Constitution protected human life as this was what saved the boy.

    “What a difficult decision to make and what grace that our Constitution protects life.”

    According to South African law only medical superintendents can grant approval on behalf of parents. Private hospitals, however, don‘t have superintendents which was when Crouse got involved.

    - Source: Gareth Wilson, Judge orders baby to be given blood transfusion, The Herald, South Africa, July 9, 2008 — Summarized by Religion News Blog

    While the Watchtower Society (the organization behind Jehovah’s Witnesses) claims to represent God, its leaders can not make up their minds about what He says.

    They have come up with their own version of the Bible (necessary to support the organization’s unbiblical teachings), constantly go back and forth on a wide variety of issues, and keep getting their prophecies about the end of the world wrong. See these quotes — from their own publications — for documentation.

    Here is the Watchtower’s history on the issue of blood. Many Jehovah’s Witnesses (or their kids) have died as a result of that nonsense. Would you trust your life — and that of your loved ones — to these quacks?

    Theologically, Jehovah’s Witnesses is a cult of Christianity. Sociologically, the movement has cult-like elements as well. (Note the sociological vs. theological definitions of the term ‘cult.’)

    I think this website, JWD, has been very instrumental in reaching influential people in all walks of life that may have never been associated with Jehovah's Witnesses.

    In the past, Witnesses would have viewed any negativity about the Organization as "persecution". But with so much research and documentation on the absurdities and lies being brought forth, and commentaries from people in positions to help (and not just "apostates spreading lies") I think many trapped Witnesses will find the courage to leave soon.

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