Exclusive: Scientists predict no ice at north pole this summer!!!!

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  • jstalin

    In the mean time, Southern Hemisphere sea ice is increasing.

  • startingover

    And Mt. Shasta's glaciers are growing


    It's all just a cycle the earth has been through many times before.

  • blondie
  • buffalosrfree

    Read an article in IBD about volcanos underthe icecap and the surrounding that are much like the one(s) in Hawaii that are oozing lava this may have more to do with it than any supposed affects from mankind. Just a thought.

  • bite me
    bite me

    yeah and you'll never in a million years guess what some of my witness friends say.... they say "see that is another sign that the end is soon, very soon" they still want me to be saved at armagedon. maybe I should say that i'll join.. very soon very soon. lol

  • james_woods

    In modern times, that ice cover always did vary from year to year and thin out in the summer. Did you know that the Soviet Union plowed one of their nuclear icebreakers all the way to the north pole through the thinned ice cover about 10-15 years ago?

    Let's keep this thread around and see if the prophecy comes true.

    We seem to have a strange knack for checking the results of prophecy carefully here on JWD.

  • Mincan

    May you live in interesting times! What a "blessing".

    The only thing that will prepare you, ironically, is not being prepared, but being adaptable and thinking laterally, not linearly.

  • SacrificialLoon

    Here's something neat, you can compare the polar ice coverage between any two dates from 1980 to present. Seems a bit more ice than this time last year, but seems like they're saying in the article 90 degrees north may be ice free, not the entire arctic ocean.


    Around the end of September 2007 was the record for minimal ice coverage.

  • dogon

    And the neocons keep spewing how there is no global warming, I can tell you as some one who lived in the noth usa and used to get so much snow in one night that you could not find your car and we had trenches that went over 8feet tall and they had to put extensions on the plows each winter, I have not seen this in many years, some years we do not even get enough snow to run a snow machine on. I have seen them have to truck in snow from the parking lot piles to have enough to run the races. Things are much different than when I was young, Out of one side of Limbaughs fat mouth he says that the warming is from the sun and it is natural and then out of the other side he spewes that there is no such thing as global warming. The only thing they are trying to do is to confuse the stupid.

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