Leaving France this Saturday...off to Accra, Ghana in West Africa

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  • Utopian Reformist
    Utopian Reformist

    Dear Family!

    Hope all of you are well and doing great. It's so relieving and comforting to see the names of my friends still posting here! I miss you guys. I am wrapping up my work in France. I have been here since the 3rd week of May and am now finishing up so I can start a new lottery installation in Accra, in Ghana. I will be in West Africa for about 5-7 weeks and then heading home to the USA. If anyone will be in Accra, I would love to meet up.

    Avishai and Narkissos...thx for letting Assad from Marseilles know I was in town. I just checked my inbox today and sent him a message.

    Has anyone heard from Hubert, LDH (lisa), Nena Scott? How about Maximus, Alan, Farkel? Well, big hugs and hello to all of you and I send my love!

    You guys are the greatest community!

  • Emma

    It's wonderful to hear from you! I don't post much, but check in and read. Safe traveling.

  • Emma


  • mouthy

    Great to hear from you .....Have a safe journey God be with you (HUG)

    Granny ( No I have not heard from any you asked about

  • AudeSapere

    Hi Mario !!

    Off to another exotic adventure it seems.

    Hubert, LDH (lisa), Nena Scott? How about Maximus, Alan, Farkel?

    Hubert, Farkel and Nina have posted fairly recently. LDH - Haven't seen her around for well over a year. I was inquiring about her, too. Met her in Costa Mesa about 2 years ago (??) and she stopped posting shortly after that.

    Maximus and AlanF - couldn't tell you.

    Nice to hear from you again. When you eventually make it to California, let us know. We'll plan something.


  • outnfree

    Hello, there, Mario!
    I seldom post anymore, either, but am happy to see that you are well. I've just graduated university and am looking for work as a French teacher, so I am very jealous to see that you have spent such a lovely long time in France!
    Have a wonderful rest of the summer and all my best to you,

  • shamus100


    AlanF does not post here anymore. The last I heard of Maximus he was not doing well, but that's all I know.

  • hubert


    Hey Mario, how are you doing? Wow, you do a lot of traveling. Is there anywhere in the world you haven't been to yet?

    Oh, yeah, my house. I'm still waiting for you to come over for a cookout. The grill is still hot.

    I'm still here, but don't post as much anymore. I comment now and then, but don't start many posts. I guess I've just about covered everything.

    Lots of newbies now. I stick around to try to help them, just like I was helped too. Many of us stay here for that, plus the comaraderie.

    It's good to hear from you. Drop in anytime. You know you are always welcome.

    I hope you get to relax sometimes. You are a workaholic, ya know.

    Best regards, my friend.


  • sf

    Okay, why was there an error in my posting?

    {{{Nice to see you again Mario }}}}


  • happehanna

    Really pleased to hear you are ok, you are an inspiration

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