DC Experiences - reality vs. perception

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  • CaptainSchmideo

    At last year's assembly, the experience was given by a brother I know personally, about how he quit his job to serve where the need was greater, turning down more money, etc., etc. Then, says he, he got a job that paid better than the previous one! (Applause, applause).

    What he left out was that the congregation that he went and served at no longer exists! It shut down due to lack of members, and a poor economy in the surrounding area. So, in reality, he is back in our major metropolitan area, serving at a different congo, and the job he works at is back here in the city!

  • james_woods

    They used to repeat over and over the story of the missionary in Hiroshima, Japan - she got thrown into a basement jail for going door to door the very day of the Atomic Bomb. So, she became the only person to survive in downtown Hiroshima.

    I have read this one in the Awake, and also heard her tell her story in person in the early 70s at one of the "International Assemblies".

    At any rate, while I could neither confirm nor deny anything about it, I always wondered what the true facts behind such a story were. I would have thought that just the immediate radiation and subsequent fallout would have killed you in a few days if you were that close to ground zero - locked in a basement or not.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    DC BS!

    I recall a pair of siblings back in the early 1980s who were interviewd at three or four different dc's to share their experience as young pioneers. They went on and on about how great full time service was. After a few months it was uncovered that they were having sex parties with many of the kids in the neighboring congos. Even having sex with each other.

    The family that plays together stays together......Then gets asked to promo the society and then gets df'd while the elder kids who played with them get off scott free.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    They put all there "eggs in one basket", as it were, spending all the meager retirement savings they had, "putting Jehovah first" and hoping that Armageddon would come "soon" and rescue them.

    This is the case with so many dubs. They use their 'worldly riches' to serve the borg, err Jehovah, in anticipation that the end will come and at the same time they are gaining favor in the boorg, err Jehovah's eyes.

  • mind my own
    mind my own

    I know my brother has been in assemblies in recent years while living a double life. I thought Jeh's holey spirit could detect when something was not right in a cong. I guess not b/c my brother was always being glorified for his outstanding service blah blah blah. If only they knew!


  • greenhornet

    I remember a Brother King. He was imprisoned in China for like 40 years? I also was told he wrote the song from house to house. I wonder if any one knows what he is up to today?

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Good point Sir82 , this crooked publishing house really do know how to manipulate people to their own means

    and take advantage of them all at the same time........ bastards

  • independent_tre
    I would have been in the audience feeling guilty because I wasn't doing more, more, more.........

    Which to me seems to be the whole point in these experiences, not really to bring praise to Jehovah, but to guilt trip you into feeling like you must give up everything you have going for yourself - job, house, means of living, education, etc. in order to be whole souled. During the DC, they forget to mention that no one can 'earn' everlasting life, no matter how much you give up or how many hours you put in field service. At all the assemblies and meetings I've been to, that little nugget of information is always glossed over.

    It's so crazy what the average jw doesn't know and would never know if they did not know the ones giving these experiences personally. Thanks for the post... really eye-opening, albeit sad.

  • garybuss

    I had thought I had heard it all at a district assembly in Sioux Falls in 1971 when the speaker said it was a miracle from Jehovah that a semi trailer with a Thermo-King refrigeration unit on it was obtained for use by the Witness kitchen so Jehovah's lettuce wouldn't wilt.

    This is a meat packing town and there must be a couple thousand Thermo-King trailers in town on a bad day.

    What a bunch of idiots!

  • nbernat

    Yeah they completely edit them-- I hate it!

    I had one two years ago about how I put "Jehovah first" by instead of taking AP and Honors courses, choosing to pioneer and how the pressure to attend college was overridden by the examples of many brothers with "good" jobs who hadn't attended.

    The point is they eliminate any questionable thing and make it so superficial. Anyone also notice how everyone has the same voice variation when giving an experience?

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