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    We had a brother in the landscaping business. I live in a large condo project and he had a contract for the grounds (cutting grass etc). We got a new board president in and he reviewed all contracts and discovered his prices were way out of line for the work he was doing. He fired this brother and the brother took the board to court for breach of contract...

    For some reason the board could not find their original copy of the contract actually no copy at all it had been made a number of years ago by a different board. The brother brought his copy to court it was type written with handwritting in the margins that changed the terms of the contract (price, length of contract etc) and claimed the original board made and approved the changes...right before our board was going to settle the case and pay him off they FOUND their original copy of the contract and LOE AND BEHOLD no hand written notes at all in their contract...He immediately dropped his suite...

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    yea I posted this earlier. I know of an elder who illegally charged interest on a loan before the funding date. A sit is pending while we do research. A sister called me last week and told me that their JW/elder CPA stole all their money and ran off.

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    A computer and internet provider business scam. Scammed 100k's of $$$ from many people.

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    My son was cheated out of his wages when he was a teenager by so called brothers . Three different brothers three different times. I educated my self in contract law including labor law because of being a contractor, so I worked with my son on each occasion to get his money. Each brother had to face the labor board, they ended up paying dearly. No more was heard from them again. No crooked brother wants to face you legally, they could end up disfellowshiped and I use that to my advantage. I personally also had problems working with brothers when I was young, except my dad did things differently, he went to the person personaly and collected the money if you know what I mean. It is best not to do buisness with so called brothers.

    The worst kind of dishonesty is when some one clains to be rightious but lies and cheats anyway.

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    How do you define dubious?

    All business practices are dubious to a degree in the USA.

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    New poster here, occasional lurker, thought I’d jump in on this one. I knew so many not sure where to start. Knew of one “brother” who was some sort of financial adviser. Other brothers and sisters turned over their money to him to invest. He kept the money and supposedly paid them dividends each quarter but it was just out of their own money. Eventually it all ran out, and so did he. One older sister lost her entire life savings. I personally knew a brother during the computer boom of the early 90s who set up networks for businesses. He would bid the job for 40 hours of work, when he knew it would only take him around 10 and he would pioneer the rest of the week. Eventually no one trusted him anymore because of bad word of mouth, and he couldn’t find anymore work. He applied to Bethel and they accepted him. Go figure. Even the elders in the congregation referred to him as “the weasel.” I could go on with many more, slumlords, rip-off roofing and janitorial companies, etc. It always chagrined me to find so many sleazy people in “the truth.” Even today I would be leery of any business run by a witness. Some are honest, but many are not.

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