The practice of "Shepherding Calls" (attention ex-elders)

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  • uwishufish

    I remember mid 70s me just a kid, dad an elder and riding with him one Sunday we stopped at a couple's house for a s call. They met him on the porch, no invite inside. I remember that being mentioned upon his return to the car.

    Moral of the story dont invite them in.

    My freind who lives in a wealthy area of town says if the police come to your door there is no need to invite them in either.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I got two shepherding calls in my life, one when the CO and DO were visiting. Had brother "Walking Corpse" Wells in my home. The other was the week before the CO was ready to visit. This told me all I needed to about the elders true motives.

  • recovering

    the first borg

  • Gordy

    In my congregation, us Min Servants, used to accompany an Elder on "shepherding visit" as part of our "Elders in training" program.

    The directions from the FDS via the CO was that every member of the congregation had to be visited twice a year. That was in theory. It was rare that every member was visited in a year. Visits usually consisted of getting members to do more time in ministry.

    Even so I think I can count on one hand the number of times my family and I got a visit.

    Then at a time when we did need help it was non-exisitent.

    I remember one sister saying she had been in the congregation 22 years and never once recieved a visit.

    There was usually a few visits just before the CO was due to come.

  • buffalosrfree

    Shepherding Calls are a joke 20= years in and have only had 3-4 total, thats it. They don't give a damn unless you come up on their hounder radar and if not, you don't exist as far as shepherding goes.

  • burningbridges

    watch out, i said no thank you to many many visits myself, then you know what those sneaky bastards did? they sent ONE elder to my house in STREET clothes. It was sooooo obvious he was there to cousel me. After I bs'ed him with small talk for over half an hour I left the room and wouldn''t come back until my husband dragged me. After he started in on his spiel I remarked that it felt it was inconsiderate to pretend this was a social visit when it was obvious what he was here for and that it was dishonest. It was only a week later that two elders made a secret meeting with my husband (to make sure i'd be home) when they came over in suits with their apostate accusations. watch your peep hole and dont answer the door to them, EVER, casual or not.

  • paranoid android
    paranoid android

    this book "pay attention to the flock" is it the book that only elders get to have?? Im curious because once in a JC meeting an elders asked me if I had "fondled" her breasts or "carressed" her breats. I asked him "whats the difference and he said "I cant answer that for you." Is there something in that book that makes a distinction between "fondling" and "carressing"?? I must know!! Its a little comical I must admit LOL!

  • Lady Zombie
  • donny

    I think we should all disfellowship Lady Zombie for conduct unbecoming to a Christian (a.k.a. having an open and thinking mind). What do ya think?

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