Fred Franz climbs the pyramid of power to CREATE WORLD EVENTS

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  • james_woods

    I'll just bet you that probably less than 5% of current JWs know that the Famous Freddy did in fact not ever study as a Rhodes Scholar at all. Maybe only about that number even remember him at all, considering how they are trying to hide 1975, though.

    Good grief - even Bill Clinton showed up over there and socialized around with them for a while, it appears.

  • Terry
    Shmarkel said: Yes, you provided the right link. Look at the bottom of that page under References #6 and you will see that Freddie only took 2 hours of Biblical Greek. Farkel

    It is rather amazing when you get right down to it that William Miller (a Baptist farmer with no formal education as a scholar) could concoct a movement (Adventism) out of nothing more than a Concordance and a bible and that Fred Franz could counterfeit a bible translation out of a couple of hours in bible languages!

    I think the attitude of Jehovah's Witnesses about "scholars" is roughly equivalent of rural folks who sneer at city dwellers and their fancy education.

    This religion is as close as you can come to anti-intellectual.

    1. They insist the bible is inerrant

    2.They insist the Earth isn't millions of years old

    3.They insist evolution is a satanic conspiracy

    4.They insist their chronology is "god's dates--not ours."

    5.They hide their own history and reframe their failures as mere human frailty with good intentions.

    6.They attack everybody who does not agree with them

    7.They disable every member's conscience like a bomb squad disarming a bomb.

    8.They stifle query and refuse to debate with the loyal opposition.

    9.Their average member works for poverty wages due to their feckless policies on higher-education.

    Fred Franz must have appeared to be a giant of a brain compared to Rutherford.

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